Seamless Wi-Fi S-Gen "UMPC": Now with Garmin Mobile XT and Windows Mobile 6


Seamless Wi-Fi’s S-XGen, the "UMPC" sporting an award-winning concept design from 2003 (seriously) that has been in hiding since its CES 2007 debut has just emerged from the shadows . . . holding hands with Garmin (via GPS Obsessed).

No longer calling itself a UMPC but now renamed the S-Gen, the device’s new relationship means that the built-in GPS module will have Garmin Mobile XT maps to play with on its 20GB hard drive and 4-inch VGA touchscreen. In addition to the name change, the S-Gen has a new OS running on its 520MHz Intel PXA270 processor: Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional. The rest of the unit’s features, which include triband GSM connectivity, 802.11a/b/g wi-fi, Bluetooth, 1.3-megapixel webcam, and an SD/MMC slot, remain unchanged.

It isn’t clear whether the association with Garmin will affect pricing (it shouldn’t), but the S-Gen can currently be preordered directly from Seamless Wi-Fi for $1195. Forget the price; I can’t believe this thing still exists!

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Jenn K. Lee

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11 thoughts on “Seamless Wi-Fi S-Gen "UMPC": Now with Garmin Mobile XT and Windows Mobile 6

  • Avatar of whydidnt

    Why would anyone buy this? It’s basically an HTC Advantage with flip open keyboard and no 3G support. Can’t I get the same functionality by adding a bluetooth keyboard to the Advantage without having to drag this monstrosity around? Talk about late to market! 5 years ago this would have been interesting, but today, it’s almost laughable.

  • Avatar of Joseph G. MItzen

    I have the exact opposite opinion… who wouldn’t want it? GPS, computer, phone, camera all in one. There’s your holy grail of convergence right there. If I were designing it I’d have used an extra-hot Sony battery so that the back of the device could also be used for ironing out pesky wrinkles while travelling or heating a Pop Tart for a quick breakfast treat, but that’s just me. Looks like the a very well-featured handheld PC that licks the small keyboard problem.

  • Few good ideas are ever really “new.” I love the form factor….Samsung was showing similar with their Butterfly design ealier in the year. I want something like this with 3G…and I would buy it.

  • I like the form factor as a concept. Except, it seems there’s no way to use it even for quick data entry without flipping something open? That seems like it could get annoying. But then again it also does keep the screen protected… I don’t know really.

    Regardless, GSM is sort of a waste at this point in time, if its going to have anything it should probably include a 3G radio. And there’s no way you could hold something like that up to your ear as a phone, so you’d definitely need to use its Bluetooth capabilities.

    Its definitely an interesting idea… but I guess what I’m saying is I’m not sold yet, and especially not for that price.

  • Avatar of mw65719

    Actually, where is Al / Primaz? This should be the device he has always been dreaming of (and terrorizing us with). A pocketable device with a fold out keyboard.

  • @ mw65719: I’ve been wondering that too. He seems to have disappeared, as it’s unusual that he didn’t comment on the Willcom D4 review. He had expressed great interest (sometimes as more than one person) in the device every other time it was mentioned, so his absence is puzzling. I haven’t seen him on any other site either, so he must be traveling or something.

  • Hello peeps,

    I have to disagree with you about S-Gen. The S-Gen is a full PC with mini-sized desktop, the screen is very nice, etc..

    The Investors Conference( October 10, 2008)is a great honor to be invited to deliver the keynote.
    The conference of invited international guests,banks, brokers, private investors and institutional Investors.

    Seamless WiFi subsidiaries will be on conference presenting their products.

    Conference can be a very Successful for Seamless and their products.

    S-GEN is very, very nice…


  • What I can say about it is that- its a very nice product (S-Gen). I’m very impressed. Seamless WiFi is the next Blackberry and their product the next iPhone!!!

  • Can anybody tell me when this is coming to market?

    Seamless has been taunting this thing for 2 years and has yet to see the light of day…This company most likely will go out of business, the are far behind all competitors!


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