Raon Digital Everun Note gets $879 MSRP

Everun_note_pricedIt was just last week that the 7-inch Raon Digital Everun Note got its first preorder page, which included everything we’ve always known about the powerful Turion-based UMPC except for perhaps the most important detail: the price. Putting an end to previous speculation, UMPCPortal today fills in the gap with an official sales brochure and a suggested retail price of $879.

The mini notebook doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but with UMPCPortal on track to receive one (production version?) within the next week or so, consumers should probably be able to get one soon after that. The specs made it clear from the get-go that the Everun Note is not intended to compete with the bores-me-to-tears netbook market, and the $900 price tag (including tax and shipping) really just reconfirms that.

With performance figures that only the recently modded Vaio UX can truly compete with, the Note will be the most powerful UMPC to date when released. I’m wondering if it’s overkill, personally, but Steve will find out soon enough. If live sessions appeal to you (I prefer written reviews that I can easily search through and reference later myself) and you can easily free up several hours in your schedule, then keep an eye on the Live Chat page.

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One thought on “Raon Digital Everun Note gets $879 MSRP

  • too rich for my blood! i was hoping for something closer to $650 but i guess that was unrealistic. that keyboard is really messed us tho’ so i don’t feel so bad that i won’t be getting one anymore. i may just have to get the dell mini inspiron.


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