Packin' on the gadget pounds


My three-week stay in California comes to an end today. I’m settled in and doing fine at the airport right now, but I was definitely moving slower than usual this morning. While lack of sleep is partly to blame, the real cause of my snail’s pace is that I’m carrying some extra weight with me: about five pounds of it.

Though you may be tempted to point the finger at weeks of restaurant dining and "vacation eating," I won’t know how much of that kind of weight I’ve put on until I hop on the scale tomorrow morning (and besides, 1) that’s a rude assumption and 2) you’re crazy if you think I’d write about it here!). No, I’m talking about the best kind of weight gain: gadget weight.

You may remember that when I left Hawaii three weeks ago, I boarded the plane with 11.5 pounds of gadgets and their accessories. Today, I’m returning home with 16.5 pounds of shiny devices, cases, cords, and cables.

Here’s a quick look at my new additions:


What: HP 2133 Mini-Note PC

Why: I’ve already confessed my netbook sin in some detail in my mini review, so I won’t reiterate my shame and secret joy. I’m not sure how the Mini-Note will fit into my daily routine at home, but at the very least, it’ll get some mileage in future size comparison galleries. I think my husband may also take custody of it for use on the couch at some point.


What: Sony Vaio VGP-AMC6 neoprene notebook case

Why: HP doesn’t include anything but the AC adapter and power cord with the 2133, so I needed something protective for the trip home. This was the smallest notebook case I could find that I liked at Fry’s, so it was my only choice. My Vaio TZ fits into it, too, which is a nice bonus. Unlike my other TZ cases, this one has a large zippered front pocket.


What: 4GB Sony Micro Vault Tiny

Why: I only have a 1GB USB drive at home, so I was due for an upgrade. The Micro Vault Tiny comes in an 8GB capacity, too, but 4GB is more than enough for me. I also wanted the purple (hey, I can’t always ignore my stereotypical girlishness).


What: Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet (250GB)

Why: Part gadget lust, part genuine interest. This is my fifth Archos player, so I guess you could say I’m also just a fan of the brand. I haven’t been able to actually get online with the device yet, as it refused to connect to my CradlePoint travel router in the hotel, but I’m hoping for web success when I get home. I’ll do a bunch of feature-specific reviews and various articles about the player in the coming weeks. My lakeside unboxing is here.


What: Sony NVA-B20N nylon storage case

Why: Like HP, Archos didn’t think it was necessary to include even a cheap slip case or pouch with its product. Since the Internet Media Tablet is all-screen and prone to scratches, I needed to find something to protect it for the flight. This case, designed for Sony’s GPS units, was the only thing I could find at Fry’s that would fit it.


Except for the Archos 5 box, I threw away all the other packaging to cut down on the travel bulk.

But it’s not just the airplane and my shoulder that need to bear the burden of my technophilia. The floorboards in my apartment will be carrying some extra weight soon too. In addition to the gear I’m bringing home, I’ve got the Archos mini dock, Aigo P8860 MID (from Direct From Japan), and iriver SPINN (from Warehouse123) on their way. I’ll also be setting up trial runs with the Raon Digital Everun Note and Fujitsu U2010.

Gaining weight has never been so much fun!

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