XP drivers get GPS working on Aigo P8860 MID

Dfj_aigo_xpDFJ has been keeping me updated on the progress Aigo is making with the XP drivers over the past few weeks and emailed me with good news yesterday. Although the screen resolution and wi-fi aren't working correctly yet (not sure why, as I think forum members have already done it), everything else is . . . even GPS!

According to, this "everything" also includes the touchscreen, microSD card slot, audio, camera, and all other peripherals. I'd rather see Vista on the Aigo, personally, but I'll take XP over the native Midinux any day.

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Jenn K. Lee

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6 thoughts on “XP drivers get GPS working on Aigo P8860 MID

  • Avatar of Sarig

    Would Vista really be any fun on such “slow” hardware?

  • Depends on who you ask, I guess. I don’t mind it on the 800MHz Intel A110. I think the Z500 is “slower” (based on the early Aigo CrystalMark results, anyway) than the Z110, but I figure it would be okay for doing single tasks. Worse than the Atom in the SC3 and D4, of course, but probably tolerable for a certain kind of user. In any case, I don’t think we’ll ever see it happen, as the general consensus seems to be that the “Vista + MIDs/UMPC = bad” equation is correct.

    Maybe if future MIDs don’t split their SSDs in half (the Aigo uses two 2GBs), installing Vista will be possible and someone will do it just for fun. :-)

  • Avatar of Sarig

    Yeah, the whole SSD thing is a bit of a bummer with the Aigo :/

    I’m all for options when it comes to OS’. I wouldn’t mind trying Vista, I just wouldn’t want to be stuck with it *points to HTC shift*

    Speaking of which, I either something new like that comes out, or the Shift drops in price a fair bit. It’s such a lovely form factor, that’s a year old and still really expensive. Oh well :)

    And I love your site!

  • Yeah Vista wont install because not enough disk space. I tried it back In August when I got my Aigo. I even tried Vista lite and the Smallest I could get the install was 2.1 GB. I would Just did it for fun. Jenn post xp drivers as soon as available. LOL

  • Avatar of Chris Gray

    would you mind posting the link for the drivers? I’m having difficutly locating them on my own :)

  • @ Chris: They haven’t been released yet. Aigo is still testing and validating them (as stated in the post, wi-fi and screen res still aren’t working). DFJ said they will notify me immediately when the drivers are ready, so I’ll pass on the info as soon as I get it.


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