ClarionMiND MID in stock and shipping


Exactly as promised, the Atom-powered ClarionMiND Mobile Internet Navigation Device is now available at Crutchfield for $650 with free shipping. All three colors (black, red, white) of the GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi-enabled device are in stock and feature a 4.8-inch WVGA touchscreen, preloaded maps of the U.S. and Canada with unlimited POIs courtesy of Google Maps, 4GB SSD, microSD card slot, and Firefox-based web browser.

If you decide to get one, don’t forget about the MyClarion website, which now contains the owner’s manual, other useful information, and a nice gallery of high quality pictures. You can take a peek at some of the newest images, ones that haven’t been seen before, below.





If I were in the market for a new GPS device, the ClarionMiND would definitely be something I’d consider. Actually, I think I hear my husband’s Garmin coughing. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade, after all.

[Product page (thanks, AFD)]
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4 thoughts on “ClarionMiND MID in stock and shipping

  • One more with Midinux :(

    Here is what I found in the specs:
    Operating System
    Linux Kernel
    Distributor: Red Flag

    Amongst the preinstalled software, there is an “Application Manager”. Hope that Midinux on the Clarion MID will be more open than on the Aigo MID and will allow its owners to add some apps without having to hack the OS…
    But Clarion talks only about the ability for registered users to download apps from its portal site.

    And the announced battery life is only 1.5 hour. OK for a GPS device docked in your car, not for a handheld MID…

  • Avatar of sheikh hasan

    What you suggest getting? Clarion Mind or Aigo Mid?

  • Avatar of yves

    For my usage – secondary, pocketable computer – the Aigo MID, because I need the keyboard.
    And the battery life is 3 hours with wifi on.

    But if you are living in North America, and if your main usage for this device is as a GPS in your car, the Clarion MID may be a better choice. And Clarion should provide a much better support to its clients than Aigo.


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