Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 3.5G revealed


Months before the Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 and its US variant, the U820, were deemed official, there was some talk that the mini convertible would be equipped with integrated 3.5G connectivity. An HSDPA-equipped "winged" version of its predecessor (U1010/U810) had already been available for quite some time, so it didn’t seem far-fetched that built-in 3.5G would be a standard feature of the U2010.

Yet when the Atom-powered UMPC was released, mobile broadband was nowhere to be found. Unlike the inconsistent inclusion of GPS, there were no instances of a 3.5G U2010 in any region.

Not until today, that is.


Fujitsu Singapore, Fujitsu Hong Kong, and Fujitsu Philippines now all have listings for a 3.5G version of the U2010. Pricing and availability are unknown.

From the specs sheet:

  • Embedded 3.5G (HSDPA) WWAN connectivity with dual antenna
  • Up to 7.2Mbps downlink
  • Supports tri-band UMTS (HSDPA): 850, 1900, and 2100 MHz
  • Supports quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM: 850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz

A similarly spec’d version of the U820 is expected in Q1 2009.

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4 thoughts on “Fujitsu LifeBook U2010 3.5G revealed

  • Avatar of John

    Hm. Still no Ubuntu version?

  • Jenn, I spent some time with a Fujitsu Malaysia rep yesterday. There are now three versions of the U2010 available in Malaysia – the basic with a 60GB HDD, a GPS version (no word on what software or maps available) also with 60GB HDD, and the HSDPA version which also sports GPS and an upgraded 120GB HDD. Indicative pricing as of yesterday is RM3699 for basic, RM3999 for GPS, and RM4999 for HSDPA/GPS versions. At today’s forex rates, that’s approx. US$1020, US$1100, and US$1380. Both basic and GPS versions are in stock, the HSDPA version can be had on special order (from Singapore as I understand it).


  • Thanks, Nurhisham. ~$1380 isn’t a bad price considering that the HSDPA version of the U810 is $1300. I’m guessing that when the US gets a 3.5G-enabled U820, it’ll be tied to AT&T. Are the 3.5G U2010s carrier/network-specific?

  • Sorry for revisiting an old topic, but to answer your question Jenn – locking phones (or other devices) isn’t common in this neck of the woods. Neither are subsidised hardware or long term contracts, although that’s slowly changing. Ironically, there’s a thriving business for unlocking phones here, mainly for grey market imports like the iPhone.


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