Sony Vaio UX worth next to nothing in RadioShack trade-in program


Even though the resale value of used, unwanted, and old gadgets is always very low, I still can’t believe that the just-launched RadioShack trade-in program has appraised my mint condition Sony Vaio UX180P, which I bought for $1800 in 2006, for $89.25. Its age isn’t to blame either, as the most recent model (UX490N/C; MSRP $2500), which was pulled from Sony Style just a few months ago, is "worth" only $109.65. The problem, it seems, is the UX series itself.



Why else would a cosmetically excellent Vaio U750P, released in 2005, still fetch $123.25? Or the Eee PC 701 be able to command $164.05?


If it isn’t the UX brand that’s being shunned, then why is RadioShack willing to mail out a $504.36 gift card in exchange for last year’s HTC Advantage X7500? I love my Advantage X7501, but it isn’t worth five times more than the UX.


Even the 32GB iPod touch is worth more than the Micro PC. I know it’s much newer and has significantly more consumer appeal, but sheesh.


Poor UX.

Adding insult to injury, it’s classified as a laptop and is the only UMPC RadioShack is willing to accept. Gee, thanks.

[RadioShack trade-in program]
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13 thoughts on “Sony Vaio UX worth next to nothing in RadioShack trade-in program

  • I’d be willing to go more than that to get some slightly used equipment.

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Wow, I can’t even believe that price for the Advantage…that honestly is a pretty fair trade-in value. Finding something to buy with a $500 gift card at RS would be very hard, though.

    Tell you what, Jenn…I’ll give you $89.50 plus shipping for that UX, and I don’t even have to inspect and approve it first ;-) haha

  • @ orbital: Well now, that’s an offer I’d be a fool to refuse. I just checked with my pilot (I told you I have a private plane dedicated to shipping gadgets, right?) and he said the shipping cost comes out to $1710.50. Send me a check for the UX plus shipping today, and I’ll have the package on the plane tomorrow. Lovely doing business with you!

    BTW, do you still have your Advantage?

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    On second thought, I rescind my offer, those shipping fees have really gone thru the roof…hehe

    Yeah, I still have the Advantage for now…haven’t used it hardly at all the last few months, though. I was using it on one of those GoPhone plans, so now I have to use my iPhone SIM, and it is a hassle.

  • Avatar of scoobie

    This UX was a poor design IMO , hence the lack of demand for 2nd hand equipment

    I’ve seen two independent reports on the web – from forums admittedly so it could be nonsense- that the UX is due to be replaced by Sony in Spring next year. One of the posters claims to have actually seen a prototype in the lab calling the new model “an amazing and groundbreaking, anorexic OLED based wonder”
    We can only hope they get it right this time
    One thing we can guarantee is being from Sony it won’t be cheap.
    – source &

  • I can get up to $174.25 for a 2002 Sony R505GL but only $51.35 for my TZ170N. The UX series does not seem to be the problem.

  • Avatar of Brian

    This post makes me very sad indeed :( I have the urge to burn down the closest radioshack! My UX380N has been my main (and almost ideal) computer for the past 1.5 years and I would never sell it for that price!

    It’s not about the power, it’s about the convenience. I have a AMD 5000+, 2gb, 9600GT Pro gaming box for whenever I feel the need for speed, but for 90% of my computing needs, my UX works wonders in the cradle running triple screens, and in the classroom. (Also my electricity bill has been a lot smaller because of it!)

    I can’t believe radioshack can even think they’ll receive any UX’s at that price! Even the oldest US model, the UX180P commands a minimum of $400 on ebay! You’d think with the ridiculous markup from their regular prices (i.e. $5 for a fatty 2.5mm 3 conductor plug), they’d be able to pay more for these devices! If I could buy any UX for $90, I’d snatch up as many as I possibly could right now!

    scoobie: If you’re right about the UX being replaced I’m definitely interested! I think the UX was a great direction for sony’s Vaio U line! TBH I’m still scratching my head as to why people think it’s such a poor design…

  • This whole buy back program seems to be a rip-off to me. I’ve looked at multiple gadgets, and they only seem to garner decent money if they are Apple. Not only that, but every single item I looked at sells for more (significantly more!) on eBay. I guess it will work for the people who don’t want to be bothered with eBay, or who don’t know the stuff is potentially worth more.

  • And the kicker is, if you want to buy one (rather than trading it in) you can’t find them for under 500. Hell, I’d like to get a new battery .. 3 years and its time, and I need to pay at least 100 if I can even find one.

  • The easiest way to show that Radio Shaft is clinically insane/inept is to check Ebay auctions. This only works if there is a genuine market for the item and you sometimes have to use your head to figure out whether auctions you see are real. If you are an ebay member, you can also look at the results of past auctions. In the case of the Vaio UX series, it’s quite clear that you can get many times what Radio Shaft is offering.

  • umhhhhh. . . so a lightly used, cosmetically perfect Fujitsu P1610 is worth $60??? This trade-in program is more than a rip-off; its a freaking joke. Also looked up Sony PSP- perfect condition -$40. So the PSP is comparable to the P1610? Really!?!

  • Avatar of enterman

    I sold my 280P for 700$. 89$ for a 180P? Thats not even half lol! I weep at the poor souls that actually do this

  • Face it, it’s a simple laundering program for stolen goods. period.


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