Mojocafe brings full-screen widgets to mobile devices

MojoAfter seeing the results of the screen resolution poll, in which 55% of voters cited 800 x 480 as the minimum resolution for acceptable web browsing on a portable device, Pocketables reader Carlos sent me an email about the relaunch of his project site, Mojocafe. Designed for Flash-supporting devices with 320 x 240, 480 x 272, and 800 x 480 screen resolutions, Mojocafe is a website that allows registered users to choose and display up to four full-screen widgets/applets, which Carlos has dubbed mojos.

The gallery of existing mojos is small, but the categories are promising: analog clock, digital clock, calendar, weather, photos, webcam, animation, news feeds, online radio, and games. Whichever you choose, their purpose is the same: to make your gadget useful while it’s just laying around doing nothing or plugged into an outlet recharging. Why stare at a blank screen when you can view weather information, images, or at least the current date/time instead?

Carlos created Mojocafe for his beloved Nokia N800 but is now curious about what other devices his full-screen mojos will play nicely with. To that end, he’s created a Pocketables demo account for us to give the free service a try.


So if you have a gadget with a web browser, Adobe Flash plug-in, one of the supported resolutions, and an internet connection, visit with the following credentials:

Email: [email protected]
Pin/Password: pocket

I’ve selected a variety of mojos and set them to change every minute, but feel free to change these settings by logging into the website from a desktop/laptop. Please note, however, that since this is a shared account, changes you make could be changed by another user. The only way to avoid this, of course, is to sign up for your own account.

So far, I can personally confirm that the service works on the HTC Shift and Nokia N800/N810. It does not work on the Archos 5 or Sony mylo 2, which is strange since they support Flash 9 and Flash Lite 3, respectively. If you test any other devices, whether successfully or not, please share it (as well as any feedback for Carlos) in the comments section below.

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