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Pocketables stocking stuffer: Win a 4GB Sansa Clip


I picked up two 4GB SanDisk Sansa Clip digital audio players on Cyber Monday and since I already have a 2GB one in my gadget collection, you know that means it’s time for another holiday giveaway at Pocketables. I’m handing out both 0.9-ounce players this week and choosing a winner from here and from the Pocketables Forum.

Have a look at a few more pictures and find out how to enter below.

The Clip up for grabs is silver, but here’s a picture of my black one alongside the iriver Lplayer, Creative Zen Stone Plus, iriver S10, and Apple iPod shuffle to give you an idea of its size.


Contrary to its small size and low price ($80 MSRP), the Clip is actually one of the best sounding DAPs on the market and has just been named this year’s top player by my friends at anythingbutipod (abi). While I enjoy mine with $250 Ultimate Ears 5 Pro earphones (soon to be replaced with $400 10 Pros), the editor of abi pairs his with $500 Shure SE530s and is equally pleased.



Want to hear what the fuss is about with your own ears? Just leave a comment below. I’ll pick someone at random on Wednesday and ship one of the Clips to that person on Thursday.

I’m giving away the second Clip in the forum, so head over to this thread and post a comment there too. You won’t be able to win both players, but you can participate in both giveaways to increase your chances of winning.

Happy holidays!

Update 12/07: The giveaway period is now closed. Thanks for playing!

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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57 thoughts on “Pocketables stocking stuffer: Win a 4GB Sansa Clip

  • Avatar of Nehalem

    :O cool ;) Continue your nice work with pocketables, the best umpc blog :P

  • Avatar of osssyvan

    Hmm.. It sure sounds like a lovely player. Beats my ipod :D.

  • Avatar of hazmat

    The suspense is killing me ! Clip, tock clip tock, clip tock

  • I’ve always been a fan of your gadget obsession. Thanks for giving back.

  • Avatar of technogeekchris

    Wow another great giveaways, thanks a lot Jenn. Thanks for sharing it with us… Advanced Merry Christma to All…

  • The clip is great, and the sound quality (which i think was unintentional from sandisk’s side, but still) is what has made it such a hit for audio lovers. First a 4gb version, then FW to add vorbis, then flac, then a new 8GB model.

  • cool. would make an excellent christmas gift for my audiophile friend.

  • Thank you Jenn. Awesome how you give away items meant to you in the first place ;-) God bless

  • Avatar of Travis

    Thanks for the chance to win.

    I like your coverage of accessories.

  • Avatar of kornel


    Im thinking of getting se530… sound so awesoem.

  • I have been wanting a Sansa Clip to replace an old ipod shuffle since I read the ABI top 10 this year.

    It would be great to get one from you.

  • Clip is an awesome player at the right price – well worth the #1 spot on abi

  • Avatar of Craig

    This looks and sounds like a really nice player. Would make a great gift to myself for this year.

  • I’ve heard nothing bu great things about this little guy. I’ve been thinking about buying one for awhile, but I have a hard time pulling the trigger on DAPs.

  • Avatar of ian miller

    this is very awesome!

  • Avatar of cZarina

    You are sooo sweet Jenn! This would be a lovely and cute Christmas gift ever!! More power Jenn.. God bless..

    I love cutes!

  • Avatar of JHoff80

    Another great giveaway, awesome.

  • Avatar of P. Dawson

    This looks incredible. I am amazed at the rate that memory is becoming accessible at a reasonable price.This thing seems to walk all over my 128mb i-player

  • Avatar of Hooran

    These are incredible mp3 players!!! I’m sure my little sister would love me as her big brother if I got this for her ;)

  • Are all those mp3 players yours? I thought I had a bad case of gadget lust! I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy!

  • Avatar of DaveH

    I bought one for a family member last year. It seemed like a great little player and I regretted not getting one for myself.

    Thanks Jenn and good luck everybody!

  • Avatar of Brandon S

    I wanna know what they sound like. Count me in

  • Avatar of James Fix

    Im not sure if I am going to buy earbuds more expensive than the device itself, but if the player if free (W00t)… then I may have to.

  • Avatar of kiwistar

    wow. this is awesome :]
    keke i guess i’m a silent stalker of your forum~
    I recently purchased the Sony A818 bc of the pretty good review you gave it, and the great sale that was on.
    Still, I wouldn’t pass up the oppurtunity to get a Sansa Clip :D

  • Avatar of Chris

    I would love to get one of these for myself to replace the pair my Mom stole from me (and she absolutely loves hers by the way, she carries it around with her everywhere). The Sansa Clip stands among the best MP3 players on the market easily.

  • Avatar of David

    Hmm, Clip? Why not

  • Avatar of Wurzelmann

    Looks interesting… I too wanna know what they sound like… :-D

  • Sweet deal I’d like to win one!

  • Hope I win. Keep up the good work and have a happy holidays to all!

  • Avatar of Ronald Abadi

    Just notice this from my rss feed. Say… is this for US residents only, or can international Pocketables readers (like myself) enter the the giveaway? If it applies to everyone around the globe, count me in please :-)

  • Avatar of Hoot69

    Gadgets, gadgets….gotta have gadgets.

  • Avatar of enterman

    cooooooooomeon lucky comment number 26!

  • Avatar of RobbH

    Hmm. I really don’t need another music player, but…
    Who can resist a chance to win something?

  • Thanks for Christmas giveaway Jenn and good luck everybody.

  • Avatar of David Gray

    I have NEVER owned a music player. This would be a great way to start. Thanx for the chance.

  • Avatar of Mark Baker

    Good sound is everything I am always wondering when some will add Bluetooth 2.1 EDR AD2P to the fold and be able to keep the size same and have decent sound. I guess battery life will have to suffer…

  • I’ve admired the design, the size, and the price of this Sansa for awhile. I sure would love to have one.

  • Avatar of TJ Regno

    I amazed how small the player is. Very cool how something so small can produce such great audio. I didn’t realize it’s size until the comparison shot, especially with the shuffle.

    I did “get” a pair of Shure buds from my job, but haven’t used them with my iPod 3rd Generation.

    Wonder how they would sound on one of these? ;)

    (by “get” I mean, they were given to me because they were the demo pair) PLH

  • Avatar of Borgel

    I’d like to give one a shot…

  • 10 Pros?? Awesome!! Are you planning to do a review on that as well? Looking forward to it!

  • Oh cool. Good luck to everyone, this is an awesome little device!

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    I don’t have any fancy, expensive earbuds but I still like the sound of this.

  • Avatar of Matthew

    Well this is an astonishingly generous offer. In any event, thanks Jenn for this little bit of kindness. More importantly though, thanks for your work with the website. Your reviews and writings have a personal touch that’s often lacking in the quest for objectivity, and it’s the biggest reason I keep returning to the site. I always find it helpful to get a sense of who the person is that’s reviewing a given item, as that kind of information can be surprisingly helpful when making an informed decision.

    Anyway, thanks once again Jenn, and keep up the delightful work with this site.

  • Avatar of Chuck

    Just what I’ve been looking for!

  • that thing is classy and cute, cuter than a certain other mp3 player clip that shall remain nameless!

  • Avatar of Chan

    I’ve always heard good things about the player on headphone forums

  • Avatar of ifi mark

    pick me, my zen stone is dying!

  • Avatar of maxmasa31

    I’m a bit of a stickler for sound quality, which is why my iPod touch is a game/internet/video device and I have a separate Sony Walkman to listen to music. It’s great to learn that the Sansa Clip would work as a replacement for the tinny-sounding iPod shuffle I go running with. Thanks for the recommendation, Jenn!

  • Avatar of kevin

    This would be sweet

  • Avatar of Jennie

    I wonder how it sounded like compared to sony nwz S639F..

  • Avatar of Voltorn

    wow I didn’t even know they made $500 headphones lol. That mp3 player looks sweet

  • Me, me, me! (raising my hand and waving it frantically like in kindergarten)

  • Avatar of Cheesybread

    Thanks for the great give-away, hopefully I’ll get lucky

  • Avatar of JamesM

    This would be great for my daughter!


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