A look inside Digital Experience 2009


This year’s Digital Experience wrapped up a few hours ago at the Grand Ballroom in the Mirage Hotel. I posted quick posts about the OQO Model 2+ and GiiNii Movit Mini from the event, and now I’d like to give you a look at the event itself. My event photographer took 99 pictures (!), but I’ve pared that crazy number down to a more bandwidth-friendly 20. Have a look below.

The "subtitle" of Digital Experience this year was "The Fabulous Fifties Digital Diner," so the ballroom was somewhat decked out in 50s diner decor.


I say "somewhat" because the ice cream sundae cutout in the corner of the room and the gold guitar cutout behind the jukebox don’t look like they were chosen by an interior decorator.





Other parts of the room had a fun 50s feel.





In keeping with the diner theme, there was a burger bar with fries and all the fixin’s (which we took advantage of with Grahm from anythingbutipod), prime rib carving station, veggie sticks and cheeses, and of course a table full of desserts. It was out of character for me to eat anything at an event like this, but I’m glad I did because we ended up not having any time to pick up dinner afterwards.

Of course, the real reason to go to Digital Experience is to get a look at all the devices on display.



There was the GiiNii Movit Mini and OQO I showed you earlier,



as well as some netbooks,




and a lot of phones.




Nothing really stands out as a showstopper, but there was still a lot to see. Digital Experience is always better than CES Unveiled, and this year’s show was no different.

I’ve got a few dedicated posts to write up about some of devices and displays from the event, but I’ll save those for later.

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4 thoughts on “A look inside Digital Experience 2009

  • Looks like some great devices, great food, and great SWAG.

    I spotted green fuzzy dice from HTC, some gear from LG…hope you got a few tshirts out of the deal.

    Thus far Jenn, your coverage of CES is far and away the best I have seen on any website. Keep it up!


  • PS…any chance of you posting the other 79 pics somewhere?

  • Thanks for the overly generous feedback, Z. I wish the X1’s camera was better than it is, but I think it’s doing okay for what it is. I’m stuck in the press room right now, annoyed that I’m not at LVCC yet, but hope to post a lot more this afternoon/tonight.

    There actually wasn’t a whole lot of swag at Digital Experience. Unveiled seemed to have a lot more. I usually don’t pick up freebies, but I’m doing it this time (didn’t get the dice, though) so I can give everything away in the forum. :-)

  • They’re already deleted, unfortunately. When I pare down pics, I don’t save the “throwaways” anywhere. Sorry!


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