Hands-on with the Trigem Lluon Mobbit PS400 MID


The ultra glossy (and very difficult to photograph) Lluon Mobbit from Trigem may have been one of the boxiest MIDs at Intel’s booth, but it also had one of the best sets of hardware controls for two-handed use. It isn’t well designed for data input because Windows XP lacks tablet functions, the 4.8-inch screen isn’t ideal for inking, and stylus-driven virtual keyboards are tedious and would require a change in hand position, but it’s actually really nice for data/media consumption.


The optical mouse on the right side is insanely great. It’s the right size and it’s in the right place. On the display model I used, sensitivity and responsiveness were absolutely perfect. I don’t think this optical mouse has any learning curve. It’s as simple and natural to use as a laptop touchpad; it’s just circular and made for your thumb.


The mouse buttons on the left side, which you can see in much better detail here, are a little bigger than they need to be, but they’re a good match for the mouse. The buttons are large and press down easily with a nice smooth click. The vertical arrangement seems counterintuitive when you look at it (i.e., it’s more logical to place left and right mouse buttons side-by-side), but my thumbs somehow knew exactly where to go automatically. I can’t remember now which button is which (I’m writing this 10+ hours after my hands-on time), but I know I put the Lluon Mobbit down with very positive feelings about its navigational controls.

The battery died before I got a chance to test anything else in-depth, and it wasn’t connected to the internet anyway, but I think this device will do well when it becomes available in Korea.

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