Imagining the Sony Vaio P as my own


I saw this enormous advertisement plastered on the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) just about every day of CES last week. Whether it was while riding the free shuttle from the Sands Expo, the monorail from the MGM Grand, or the long escalator down to the LVCC parking lot, I couldn't help but fixate on the bold white text calling out to me against the black background. "Believe that anything you can imagine," it sang in my ear, "you can make real."

Now normally I don't buy into stuff like this, but since there's a first time for everything and I was in Vegas (a city built on taking risks), I closed my eyes and let Sony lead the way. And you'll never guess what happened.

It worked. Sony told me to believe that anything I could imagine, I could make real. So every day at CES, I imagined that the Vaio P would be mine.


Vaio_p_order (2)

And now it is!

Sony neglected to mention that the magic behind their inspirational message came at a substantial price, but sometimes the destination is more fun than the journey. So nevermind the cost and the wait. Because "on or about" February 3rd (three weeks from today), the 64GB SSD version of the Vaio P, extended battery, and matching leather case will be mine! Just like I imagined it.

Ah, the wonders of Sony: "" indeed.

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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26 thoughts on “Imagining the Sony Vaio P as my own

  • Avatar of cZaRiNa

    Whenever I buy a Sony, I never mind the price.. All I know is that, “It’s a Sony!”

  • Avatar of Bruno

    Damn, you beat me to it Jenn :-) I have been trying to resist but I know I won’t be able to!
    By the way, this post (and its beginning in particular) is my favourite ever, hands down!

    Completely off topic, but is it just the non-native-speaker me or does the sign sounds like a word-for-word translation from a Japanese motivational poster?

  • Avatar of cZaRiNa

    and yes.. “ :)

  • Avatar of thoughts13

    way to go jenn!

  • Avatar of Fixup

    Congratulations! Glad that you also ordered the large battery, you’ll certainly need it as the standard one only runs for 2 hours and 4 minutes. However the large battery, as showing in your earlier blog, defeats all the thin beauty of the P. Still, this P is ideal for women who always carry a purse. Just forget about pocketable, it is absolutely not.

  • How much did it cost you Jenn? Sure Viliv s7 isn’t a superior product?
    How long do you usually keep those things before selling them away or giving them away here (as you must be pretty rich according to your past posts here)?

  • Avatar of Joseph G. Mitzen

    Jenn, if I were you I would have waited for a review on before I… oh wait… never mind…

  • You’ll have me beat in no time, Bruno. TWO new Vaio Ps in your house trumps the one I’ll have in mine. ;-)Have you decided on colors and models yet?

  • Thanks to the 30% discount on the accessories (current promotion going on at Sony Style), it came out to a little over $1400. I have no personal interest in the Viliv S7, though I think putting it up against something like the Kohjinsha SC3 would be a fairer comparison. The Vaio P is peerless in some ways, as it isn’t really a netbook, UMPC, or notebook.As for the gadgets I buy, I keep them indefinitely. Since starting this site, the only device I bought and eventually sold was the Samsung Q1P. I still have everything else. I like to keep stuff around for size comparisons, archival purposes, and mood-based use.Oh, and I’m definitely not rich. Just insane. Gadgets to me are like shoes/handbags to other women. :-)

  • That was cute, Joseph. Made me laugh. :-)

  • Avatar of heavyharmonies

    Yeah the 64GB SSD seems to be the nice performance/price point. I am soooooo tempted to buy one (even though I certainly don’t need one), but I think I am going to wait until (1) there are more extensive hands-on reviews, (2) see if the 1.6Ghz or 1.8Ghz models ever make it into the U.S., and (3) see what kind of pricing the refurbs show up at SonyStyle.

    18 months 0% financing on my Sony account sure is tempting though… haven’t used it in quite a long time. ;)

  • Avatar of GeoffreyM

    On what reports are you basing that battery life? Have there been reviews that have actually tested the it? I’ve been hoping it would be longer.

    I know, I’m a dreamer.

  • Not sure – one Vaio P in hand beats two in preorder :-) I think at least one of them will be black – does the Vaio P use the same kind of plastic as the TZ?
    In the UK they list two processor options, 1.33 and 1.6. The price difference is significant but I am leaning towards the 1.6 – I am hoping there will be more reviews by then. I think that Windows 7 will help though, it certainly works nicely on Q1U (although it has killed the Shift).

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    What took you so long? ;-)


  • Hi,
    After reading your post last week, I had to order one (ordered mine on Sat the 10th). I got the white one, battery and the white bag (non-leather). I didn’t see any options for hard disk capacity, so I am thinking that mine is a 60gb. The next three weeks spent waiting will be a killer. I am still in shock over spending so much, but I justify it by the 30% discount on accessories. Total was $1103. I do think I need a mouse though because I don’t like that nub. Do you have any suggestions for a nice mouse that matches the P? Thanks!

  • Congrats, Ehage! The white one is really beautiful in person. I don’t know of any matching mice other than the rather large ones Sony is selling, but I’m most likely just going to use my Logitech VX Nano with mine. It isn’t incredibly stylish, but I like it.We’ve got a Vaio P buyers thread going on in the forum if you’d like to add your name and P details:

  • Conics and Dynamism are both accepting US preorders for the 1.86GHz models.

  • I did, but it didn’t affect my decision. LAPTOP’s main gripes were price and performance, which are subjective and relative to me. I don’t mind paying more for the Sony name and computers with even less horsepower are enough for my needs. I still use the HTC Shift (800MHz Intel A110, 1GB RAM, Vista) quite happily. :-)On a side note, I don’t think manufacturers should hand out pre-production samples of their products.

  • Avatar of Robert McKeever

    You go girl !!
    Give it a real workout when you get it and let us know the real deal on how good it is.

    I have a 2 year old UX280P that has become a part of me and my life, and this little one looks like it could really find a place in my lifestyle.

    [email protected]

  • Avatar of Bush -- not related

    Yeah, Jenn, I understand. My wife’s a triathlete. We pay in new bikes, wetsuits and entry fees what’d buy me BUCKETLOADS of gadgets…

    so I must content my self with my iPT and a lot of windowshopping.

    And drooling on my keyboard chez ici.

  • What I got from that review are: 1)Short 2:04 battery life; 2)Runs hot; 3)Sluggish. Typical Sony. It requires a specially large purse as it is 1″ wider than an eeePC 900A.

  • congrats jenn! that was a fun post.

    i queued for 20 mins during lunch hour to see it live in the Sony showroom here. they had the red version on display.

    it’s SO sleek! i could just stand there and run my hands over it and gawk at it and run my hands over it and gawk at it … you know what i mean.

  • Avatar of scoobie

    You queued for 20 minutes? People were queuing to see a Sony P series?

    New video of the P here by the way:

  • I do indeed! I can’t wait for mine to arrive.Are you planning on getting one too?

  • @scoobie: yes, might be because of the lunch hour crunch though and the fact that they only put a single unit out on display. might head to the neighbourhood sony store later to get a closer look.

    @jenn: am thinking of getting one too – the white looks nice but the green one looks intriguing in pictures. i wish they’d remove vista and take a few hundred dollars (Singapore dollars i mean) off the price though.


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