Inside the Palm Pre lounge


After the Palm Pre announcement, company representatives handed out small VIP lounge passes inviting attendees to take a closer look at the new smartphone in a private meeting room.

Assuming we’d get some actual hands-on time with the webOS-based device, we stopped into the lounge an hour before closing and got to watch employees give us one-on-one demos. The closest we got to actually holding the Pre was when I asked the demonstrator if it was okay to take those Xperia X1 comparison shots. It was disappointing, sure, but we got our questions answered and took a bunch of pictures, so I’m glad we went.

The lounge had a cool Zen-like feel to it with "stone" furniture, simply presented food, and lots of room to flow around the four draped couch areas. Have a look.





Two Palm employees, stationed in the front corners of the room, stood behind tables with projectors hooked up to large flat-screen TVs. Beneath the projectors were Palm Pre smartphones.



Beside one of the projectors was an early prototype retail box.


It’s a shame that the Touchstone wireless charger won’t be included in the box. I like that the Pre "sticks" to it and that the speaker automatically turns on if a call comes in while the phone is charging.

Now on to the Palm Pre.









Here are some quick notes I jotted down on the back of my CES preshow planner (yes, very professional!) during the demo:

  • Capacitive touchscreen
  • No memory card expansion because Palm "provided all the storage you need" with 8GB
  • Larger capacity models could be released in the future
  • WebKit-based browser with no Flash support
  • 1200mAh battery; no battery life figures being announced yet
  • No soft keyboard for when device is in landscape mode
  • All apps auto save
  • Apps do not need to be manually closed; just flick "card" up/off the screen
  • Web browsing over WiFi can continue when using the phone
  • Keyboard is narrow; the demonstrator had trouble typing on it
  • Not sure if keyboard is backlit
  • Palm is very proud of the removable battery and standard headphone jack (they mentioned it several times)
  • Forgot to ask about backwards compatibility with Palm OS
  • Phone shape reminds me of Motorola Pebble
  • UI is very slick, though comparisons to the iPhone are tough to shake
  • More impressed with software than hardware
  • Should’ve asked about the rationale behind the Pre name

Anyone going to get one? I admit that Windows Mobile 6.1 looks clunky and unintuitive in comparison, but I’m not giving up my Sony Ericsson Xperia X1.

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