Kitamura gives Kohjinsha SC3 UMPCs "Yokohama Mobile Style"


Even though the Kohjinsha SC3 already comes with a leather strap and cushioned slipcase that can be used to carry the Atom-based mini convertible like a purse (which I freely admit I have done), the company has recently teamed up with Japanese handbag designer Kitamura to begin selling two new purse-like sets of the UMPC. Both the black and white SC3s (with and without GPS) can now be purchased with either a dark blue and white nylon pouch or beige leather bag with pink accents.

Prices start at ~$772 for the pouch set and ~$882 for the bag set, which isn't too bad considering that the original retail price of the Kitamura-less SC3 ranged between $900 and $1000. The "new" SC3s natively run Windows XP instead of Vista and also sport a lower price (~$661 for the base model), though, so unless you really want that pink heart keychain, you're probably better off without all that "Yokohama Mobile Style."

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Jenn K. Lee

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2 thoughts on “Kitamura gives Kohjinsha SC3 UMPCs "Yokohama Mobile Style"

  • All purse are looking beautiful and i like the big one which have pink heart keychain and i would like to buy this for my girl – friend.

  • Cute computers, ugly bags.

    Why does Japanese style always look like it is from either 1862, 1962 or 2062…with nothing in between?

    I dig both 1862 and the 2062…but these bags are strictly 1962. Ugh.



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