Unboxing the Sony Vaio P (VGN-P588E)


Behold the power of imagination!

My Sony Vaio P (VGN-P588E) arrived about an hour ago and while it charges and awaits its first boot, which I'll chronicle and share, have a look at the first few moments of the mini notebook's out-of-box existence.

The unboxing itself is a mostly cardboard affair that doesn't do the contents justice, but unimpressive packaging just seems to be part of Sony's MO (my Vaio UX180P and TZ were victims of equally boring packaging). It makes sense not to spend too much time or money on a disposable container, but for a company as brand- and image-conscious as Sony, you'd think customers would be given at least some kind of "experience" when opening the box for the first time.



Inside the top layer of the box are various manuals, advertisements, and paperwork.


Beneath that is the Vaio P, wrapped in a pink styrofoam sleeve and unceremoniously wedged into a carton.



And under that, at the bottom of the box, are the included accessories: a tiny 10.5V AC adapter and power cord, standard battery pack (7.4V, 2100mAh, 16Wh), two spare pointing stick caps, and a VGA/LAN adapter. The 128GB SSD version of the P also includes a pair of noise canceling headphones.



The VGA/LAN adapter attaches to the AC adapter and has a flexible proprietary connector cable that can be stowed when not in use.

Now here's a look at the long and lovely Vaio P.
















I've got a bunch of feature-specific reviews and articles planned for the P (hey, if I'm going to break my 7-inch rule, I'm really going to break it!) in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned for more.

:: Visit the Vaio P forum to connect with other owners and potential buyers, share tips, and troubleshoot. ::

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Jenn K. Lee

Jenn K. Lee is the founder of Pocketables. She loves gadgets the way most women love shoes and purses. The pieces in her tech wardrobe that go with everything are currently the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Sony Tablet P, and Nexus 7, but there are still a couple of vintage UMPCs/MIDs in the back of her closet.

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41 thoughts on “Unboxing the Sony Vaio P (VGN-P588E)

  • Oh that is just sexy… I am very jealous!

  • Avatar of Bruno

    Jenn, you are killing me!

  • Wow… I didn’t realize it would have a dongle.

    So cute….. glad she is finally there.

  • Peculiar color on the battery vs the rest of the back of the device

  • Avatar of skippythelizard

    You’re killing me … I pre-ordered the 128GB version on announcement day and no word of shipment yet!!!!

  • I know. I actually thought it was just a prototype when I saw it at CES. There’s a white one for the white P, but the black, red, and green Ps all have to use the black one. It doesn’t look *that* bad on the black unit, but it’s not very nice on the other colors.

  • Only one way to fix that! Well, two in your case, Bruno. ;-)

  • Avatar of orbitalcomp

    Congrats Jenn! Can’t believe you didn’t get the red one…

    I love the design of that VGA/LAN dongle that slides onto the side of the power adapter, very nice for traveling…

  • Avatar of whydidnt


    Fear not, I did the same thing and received notice that it shipped today! Of course I cheaped out and opted for free ground shipping, so it’s not expected to arrive until the middle of next week. :(

    I sometimes wonder–my total order was $1700+ including accessories and tax, but I refused to spend the extra $50 to get it right away. I justify it by telling myself I have to draw the line somewhere, but really….

  • Avatar of skippythelizard


    Same here … I went for some accessories as well and pushed it over $1700, but drew the line on the shipping. Order status at Sony Style still shows it processing …

    Not that I’m in that much of a rush … it would have been fun to play with over the weekend.

    I’m looking forward to this machine. Years ago I had one of the Picture Book models (actually went through two of them), and I loved the form factor. Best notebook I ever owned … I’ve been looking for a similar form factor ever since.

  • Looking forward to those size comparison shots you do Jenn (please try a DVD case as that’s a recognisable size)

    I just hope its finished booting up now you’ve had it for a few hours! :) enjoy.

  • I notice the hinge looks a little damaged possibly in one of the photos above? I’d send it back!

  • Ever since I tried it at the Sony style at Las Vegas during CES 2009 Freaky liked it. I still think I will be buying one. Jenn can you check if the video drivers have been updated compare to the SC3? congratulations

  • Are you talking about the image with the model number? That’s actually just a weird reflection combined with my lighting; the hinge doesn’t look like that in real life and in fact, I can’t seem to duplicate that weird bump with my camera.

  • I’m like that too. I’m okay with spending $1400+ for the 64GB SSD and accessories but if there’s a free shipping option that delays delivery by a day or two, I’m taking it! I’ll always opt for free shipping, no matter what the device, because Hawaii is usually excluded from offers like that.

  • I’m making the recovery discs right now and will post the first boot/setup times and process soon. The unit isn’t bogged down by as much bloatware as is usually found on Vaios (my god, the TZ was the worst!), but it isn’t exactly a clean system either. I’ll post the *long* list of preinstalled items with the first boot/setup piece.

  • Ohhh my goodness… that’s so deliciously sexy… The no touchscreen still kills me, BUT ITS STILL SO SEXY!

    As said above, I’m totally loving the way the dongle attaches to the power adapter. Much sexier than the UX’s fatty ‘strap’ thing meant to hold it’s dongle.

    Hmm, gahhh, this thing is making me want it regardless of a touch screen or not!!! Jenn, could you please do a comparison of the P with a iGo bluetooth folding keyboard if you have one?

  • If it were not for Vista and the high price it would be perfect!

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    Looks very nice, Jenn….

    Congratz! and have fun with it… ;-)

  • It has driver version dated 10/4/08. I haven’t been keeping up with the SC3 driver situation, as I don’t use mine for videos, but I don’t think the P’s drivers are anything new.

  • Will do. Check back sometime tomorrow. :-)

  • Hi Jenn

    This is not a netbook but a handheld pc – it is the successor of the picturebooks and the Jornadas… Could you please post some comparison photos with your 2133 whenever you have some time? Thanks

  • Interesting tidbit: the OQO 2+ I have here (preproduction engineering sample), which can play WMV HD videos with no problem, has driver version It’s called “Intel GMA 500 for OQO.”

  • Sure! I’m rounding up a bunch of my gadgets for a size comparison extravaganza tomorrow afternoon and will definitely include the HP (my husband’s NC10 will make an appearance too, as it and the 2133 are the only netbooks in the house).

  • congrats jenn! glad to see its finally reached it. love the pictures. thought you would have been taken by the red one though.

  • I know, I know :-) I will just wait for a more detailed review once you have started using it and then I may just go for the hated preorder, too!

  • what did you do for the 3 – 4hrs it took to first boot ?

    typical sony PC, so much sony BLOAT-ware (on our Japanese model at least), couldn’t wait to nuke it and re-install myself :-)

    very snappy little PC after re-install of English Vista :-)

  • Avatar of macdan

    have you planned on running it as a hackintosh some time? maybe for testing? i would be really interested in the compatibility …

  • Avatar of dennis

    You take great pictures of these gadgets. It’s really notable.

  • No high resolution photos???

  • Avatar of luckyauto

    thank for your sharing ….
    is your vaio support wwan ( a-gps ) ?
    can find out where is the 3g sim card slot for thie sony P

  • Its super long size makes it appear thin, but look at the side photos, I realize how thick it actually still is!

  • Avatar of skippythelizard

    Argh … I’ve now got shipping notifications for all of the accessories that I ordered … but not the unit itself!

  • Very nice! But you really need a pic or two of you holding it, or perhaps shown with another object to show the scale of the device. Actually, a pic w/the TZ would be perfect.

  • Yes , I’m referring to the image with the model number, glad its just the photo

  • I just got my Sony P. I live in Texas and I was afraid that was some sort of mix up. I am so excited.


  • Unfortunately, no. I’m not the hacking kind. Downgrading Vista to XP is the extent of my OS installation adventures. I’m sure it won’t be long before someone does it, though, as Windows 7 and Ubuntu have already been done.

  • You’re not the first person to think I would’ve gotten the red. Not sure why anyone thinks that, though. I don’t have any red gadgets and red is actually one of my least favorite colors in general. My first choice for gadgets is usually silver first and black second. The white P is sparkly enough in certain lights to look like silver, but the color makes the wide bezel look even wider.

  • I got a “P” several days ago and am now trying to activate the GPS. No luck even after several hours with Sony Tech support. It *may* not have a GPS, even though it is clearly stated as a property on the introductory order pages. The last tech implied that I need to sign up for a Verizon/Sprint account. Anyone else with this experience?

  • Is it listed in your SmartWi utility? I haven’t checked out the GPS yet, but make sure you have WWAN turned on first. I don’t think the GPS will work when WWAN is turned off because of the Gobi chip.

  • The WWAN does need to be turned on, apparently. And my fear of
    needing an account didn’t materialize. The GPS now goes on and I will
    soon work on getting a signal. I sure would like to know the quality
    of the GPS. No mention of the number of channels or the db
    sensitivity. These are pretty standard specs that people look for to
    determine the quality of a GPS

    – – – – – – – – – –
    K. W. Bridges
    Professor, Botany Department, Univ. of Hawai`i at Manoa


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