Viliv X70 slate with keyboard attachment

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The Viliv X70 has a 7-inch WSVGA display, choice of XP or Linux operating system, 6-hour video playback runtime, 1GB of RAM, up to 80GB hard drive (SSD is an option, but only in 8GB), WiMax, HSDPA, GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and stereo speakers.

: Live at CES 2009 from the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 ::

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3 thoughts on “Viliv X70 slate with keyboard attachment

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    OHHHH… That looks like a winner for me.. wonder what the price point is for it…

  • deception today! Yesterday, 27 July; Dynamism said at phone, the orders will come 28 July (today), so today, i received an email from Jeff at Dynamism, saying sorry, for the delay, will be for MAYBE 2 weeks more! I must keep my all paid preorder, to not loose my file turn! So, they wroted for the economic crisis, it miss some parts to assemble! Wish they don’t replace with low quality parts! So, they have 777 orders at $850. to $1300. each (128Gb SSD) they have 1 million with interests for weeks, for one thing i cannot believe, is Jeff wrotes they do tight push to get them faster as posible! Money placed, money interests! Why, companies announce 2 years before selling, when they have already demos working fine and telling will be at date, when delay after more delay! I don’t believe also, the reason of economic crisis made more sales than expected! They sells 777, they must be ready after weeks to deliver 777!

  • Sadly, although Linux was promoted as an option, there is no such option for these, which means yet a longer wait for a good pocket computer without having to pay the Microsoft tax.
    Wish companies wouldn’t promote something and then turn their back on their own promotions.


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