Sony responds to misinformed Vaio P press releases


Last week, there were two press releases issued about the Sony Vaio P that announced existing features of the mini notebook as new ones, causing a good deal of confusion among users, potential buyers, naysayers, and tech blogs alike. Was Sony penalizing early adopters who were already weeks into their Vaio P ownership by announcing new models, this time with integrated Gobi and Corel InstantOn technology?

My answer has been no from the get-go, but I contacted Sony’s Senior PR Strategist shortly after Corel’s non-news anyway just to be sure. The company’s official statement is below.

“All of the P Series shipped to date comes equipped with Gobi mobile broadband technology and the instant-mode option, but certain feature deployment varies region by region. As such, the mobile broadband feature is exclusively supported by the Verizon Wireless network for all US customers.”

In other words, please ignore last week’s press releases and don’t put off a Vaio P purchase because you’re waiting for “the new model with Gobi and InstantOn.” The current models on display at Fry’s, available from Amazonir?t=pocketables 20&l=ur2&o=1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here, and shipping from Sony Style image 2592750 10396361 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereall have the Gobi WWAN chipset built-in (and locked to Verizon unless hacked) and Corel’s InstantOn preinstalled.

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3 thoughts on “Sony responds to misinformed Vaio P press releases

  • Avatar of Tikerz

    Thanks for confirming that, Jenn!

  • Avatar of Rainer

    Does this mean that the Australian models have the Gobi module but it’s disabled? It’s says “All P series shipped” ???

  • Avatar of Oliver

    And why, Sony, would I want one of your neutered/spayed machines? Sticking in the Gobi chipset and then limiting it makes little sense to me and is a reason for why I won’t buy the machine.


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