Telmap Navigator en route to Intel MIDs


We already know which MIDs Intel will be showing at next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and now, thanks to a press release issued yesterday, we can also expect to see at least some of the units on display running Telmap Navigator.

Bringing the software (features below) to Moblin-based, Atom-powered MIDs was "a natural step for Telmap," whose CEO views the devices "as another great platform that will drive a more connected and location-aware society." Intel's Pankaj Kedia obviously agrees, adding that MIDs are "ideally suited to deliver real-time Internet-based navigation and location-based services on the go."

"The high performance and visual capabilities of MIDs enabled by the Intel Atom processor," Kedia continues, "combined with Telmap’s expertise in navigation and location services, will make it easier to bring these experiences to people."

According to LinuxDevices, Telmap Navigator is expected to offer:

2D or 3D moving-map nav screen showing POIs (points of interest) along the route, including parking

Text-to-speech prompts that announce street names

Multiple navigation views, including overview, route details, and list of turns

Traffic aware routing and re-routing, with alternative routes and related event lists

Speed camera alerts

Fastest and shortest optimization with "different avoid options"

Cross-regional routing

Instantaneous local reroute via Telmap's Mobile Optimized Navigation Data (MOND) technology
Manual navigation mode for previewing route

Pedestrian routing that ignores vehicle turn restrictions, avoids highways and bridges, and shows pedestrian-only paths

Public transportation details integrated into pedestrian navigation

Location search for address, intersection, zip code, place/business, recent locations, and address book

Free-text local search, allowing keywords such as "pizza"

Proximity search

Support for both GPS and Cell-ID triangulation

Does anyone use their current MID (Intel or not) for in-car and/or on-foot navigation? Other than a dedicated GPS unit, the only device I've ever used for that has been a phone.

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