UMID M1 mbook MID launched in Korea


UMID held a press conference yesterday to officially launch its Atom-based M1 mbook MID, which is now available to order in Korea. In conjunction with the release, the clamshell MID also got a dedicated website made up of a downloads area (manual, wallpaper, and firmware), an order page with lots of photos (see below), and a handful of accessories that doesn't include the oversized VGA adapter shown at CES.

Strangely, there's no mention on the official site about 3G connectivity. The USIM slot is visible in all the photos, but it's not highlighted the way everything else is and only WiFi and Bluetooth are listed in the specs. In addition, the 699,000 (~$465) and 799,00 KRW (~$532) prices are very inconsistent with 3G pricing details I've received privately. I'm not sure, then, exactly why and in what context HSDPA, WiMAX, and WiBro were mentioned at the launch event, as Korea doesn't seem to be getting those models. See AVING and for coverage of the press conference.

In any case, I should be getting an HSDPA-flavored UMID mbook for review soon.








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Jenn K. Lee

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14 thoughts on “UMID M1 mbook MID launched in Korea

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    I’m really tempted by this lil’ guy….but I’m concerned about performance (lack thereof…) and no mouse pointer….will be very interested to hear what you have to say, Jenn….

  • Avatar of melmo

    Mmmm, going to be in Korea next month… to buy or not to buy. I’m also going to be swinging by Akihabara in Tokyo too. So many gadgets to buy, so little money!

  • Avatar of Fixup

    Looking at the picture above (the one with fingers over the keyboard), I’m very sure I can touch type on it, at least no more difficult than on the U810/820.

  • Hopefully the 6 hrs of battery life it shows does really turn out to be true. Jenn maybe when you get the review unit you can give us your opinion how it compares to the Aigo P8860 that you reviewed earlier. I still use my Aigo for on the road when I don’t want to take something like my SC3 or MSI Wind.

  • Avatar of scoobie

    Its a bit odd that the publicity shot is showing a separate mouse. I really expect my UMPCs to come with a mouse and trackpad onboard.

    It’s a standing up usage scenario device that you can’t use standing up because you need a desk for the mouse

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    scoobie, come on….you do have at least one finger don’t you?….

    So, when you’re standing up you can either tap the screen with your finger or use the stylus that they’re including, they even include a slot to house it for you…..


  • Avatar of John in Norway

    The problem is, if you’re standing up (or sitting down) and thumb typing, you don’t want to have to keep moving your hand up to the screen to move the cursor around. And as for having to keep taking the stylus out … I do a lot of document editing and it’s very annoying having to keep taking your hands away from the keyboard.

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    I understand the isuee, John and of course would prefer that UMID have included some sort of mouse pointer/buttons….

    Was merely pointing out (and kidding with scoobie…see emoticon…) that it is at least possible, though not as desirable to use your finger or stylus….


  • Avatar of Austin

    Will this device’s HSDPA radio work on AT&T network? Jenn, does AT&T serve where you live and does AT&T there have the same bands as the rest of US? (I looked at your about page and saw that you guys live in HI)

    Personally, this is probably the most critical factor in determining if a device is for me or not. After owning an iphone, there’s no way that I will buy a device w/o HSDPA anymore. (which kinda automatically crosses off any wimax device at the moment, considering how limited the wimax coverage is in USA)

    I’ve tried to ask questions like this (about other devices, such as the Aigo, Gigabyte 528) on sites such as, but have gotten zero responses. I think it’s probably due to the fact that isn’t based in US so they don’t have this information. I’m hoping you can provide an answer though!


  • I’m still awaiting confirmation on the 3G band support. I think 2100MHz is a definite go, but I haven’t heard anything concrete on the rest yet. ATT’s 3G uses both 850MHz and 1900MHz in the US. In Hawaii, ATT’s 3G is 850MHz only, which is why I only get EDGE on my Xperia X1i (international version) here but HSDPA in Vegas and California.

  • Avatar of Harvell

    If you get one ArchiMark…. Think of me if you ever want to get rid of it :D

  • Avatar of Brandon

    Does anyone know if the UMID order page ships to the US?

  • Avatar of ArchiMark

    The UMID is a Korean market device…you will need to get it from an importer such as Dynamism or Conics, etc….

    Dynamism has a preview page on their site, but not yet ready for actual ordering…

  • Where can I buy the mBook in America? If there isn’t any place, where can I order it?



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