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Free Flash game packs for Cowon S9 (and Samsung P3)


As shown in my recent three-way touchscreen media player comparison, the Cowon S9 and Samsung P3 (YP-P3) both come with built-in Flash players. A variety of files can be transferred for playback on both players, but what probably comes to mind most immediately and what users want to load up first are Flash games. The problem, of course, is how to get them.

Sure, you can scour the internet to find free games that you can individually download, transfer, and test. But wouldn't you rather just head over to the iAudiophile.net Forums and grab over 250 games bundled into three game packs instead? The games have all been compiled and tested by da1writer to run on the S9 using the touchscreen and/or hardware buttons for controls, so many of them can be played on the Samsung P3 as well.

The game packs are RAR files, which can be extracted with a free utility like IZArc, and each contain 84 Flash games in SWF format (the games preloaded on the P3 are in AAB format, but SWF files are also supported).

Once extracted, the games can be transferred loose or in folders via simple drag-and-drop into the pre-existing Flash folders on the players.


To access the games, just tap the Flash icon on both devices.



I transferred the game packs in their original folders and as you can see above, the P3 (bottom) held onto the folder structure while the S9 (top) merged all the games into a single list.


The games come from all over the place, including other players, so not all of them make full use of the S9 and P3's 480 x 272 screen resolution.

And again, some will run but can't actually be played on the P3 because they're not controllable with the touchscreen. Which ones are affected is easy to determine because da1writer was kind enough to include each game's controls (touch, buttons, or touch + buttons) next to the title. I didn't double-check carefully, but I think there are 209 touch-controlled games. Fantastic!

Game titles: Game Pack 1 | Game Pack 2 | Game Pack 3

Here's a very small sampling of the 252 games included in the packs.


S9_p3_games (2)

S9_p3_games (3)

S9_p3_games (4)

S9_p3_games (5)

Thanks, James!

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