iPhone OS 3.0 to bring many 1.0 features

Iphone_os_preview This summer, two years after the first-generation iPhone was released, Apple will roll out a software update to add features the first handset should've always had in the first place. Free for iPhone and iPhone 3G users, the new iPhone OS 3.0 will continue the longstanding tradition of screwing iPod touch users, who will be charged $9.95 for an update that adds cut/copy-and-paste, landscape email and Notes, Bluetooth, and not a whole lot more.

iPhone 3G users, on the other hand, will get MMS, landscape messaging, more complete Bluetooth support, the ability to forward/delete multiple messages and send multiple photos (the touch will be able to do this, too, but it doesn't have a camera so it's not as useful), and voice memos for free.

Push notifications and universal search will also be added, and developers are being treated to 1,000 new APIs. Good news, yes, but the entire iPhone OS 3.0 preview, which will be viewable online later today, leaves me feeling a bit underwhelmed. Most of the "biggest" announcements for consumers should've shipped with the original iPhones in 2007.

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Jenn K. Lee

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7 thoughts on “iPhone OS 3.0 to bring many 1.0 features

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    well ill be, they finally brings it on par with my feature phone…

  • Yeah, definitely hasn’t changed my decision to get a Pre. It adds features that iPhone users have been missing for a while, but nothing quite so compelling to me as what the Pre brings to the table for my needs.

  • Avatar of johnkzin

    still no tethering
    still no bluetooth HID (for physical keyboards)

    thus… still no interest from me. I’ll stick with Android.

  • Avatar of n2mobile

    Actually there IS tethering. The details are to be worked out by the telcos (in other words they have to decide how much they want to charge!).

    There also is bluetooth connectivity to devices other than a headset, I think they mentioned a heart monitor (God only knows why they chose that) so there is speculation that other previously unsupported devices like keyboards may work.

    My gripe remains that there is no support for flash in the browser.

    Oh well, there are other fish (phones) in the sea…

  • Is the iPhone the device that people love to hate? Everybody gripes about the new feature list, too little too late. The thing falls short of perfection. Duh. I’m delighted with the improvements. It’s a great phone thing. Look how popular it is. People complain, but they buy them. In the millions. My iPhone doesn’t do some things I’d like it to do, granted. But it is still a phenominal piece of technology. I still need an 8-by-3-inch device that I can type on; the closest thing is the VAIO P-Series I suppose, but it’s too big and (cardinal sin) the screen doesn’t fill the available space for it. The iPhone was never going to fill every gap; there will never be a device that does everything for everyone, but the iPhone is a genuine masterpiece. Da Vinci would be absolutely stunned.

  • Serious, apple is quite retard in the developing skills, how come you have brand new platform without cut/paste in the first place, it just proves one thing, corporate like apple will rush out everything for money, suck the users in first and fix later on.


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