Asian scroll MID concept


I'm not sure how practical it would be if it ever existed, but a Korean company has created this rather interesting scroll-inspired MID concept design that I think is worth a quick look.

It's difficult to get an idea of the size of the "foldable glass monitor" that presumably coils up inside the ornate casing, but it features a large touchscreen area (no OS, I see) sandwiched between informational toolbars that display the language/time and mode options.


I actually kind of like the whole scroll thing, as the idea of pulling out a fully functional screen from what simply looks like a decorated tube appeals to me for some reason, but I wonder how sturdy the display would be when extended. It would obviously have to be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure without flexing like a piece of paper or flying back into the housing while you're interacting with the screen.

How would you interact with the screen anyway? My first thought would be that you'd have to lay it out on a flat surface; it doesn't seem like a one- or two-handed device to use while lounging on the couch or walking around.

I doubt that something like this would ever really be released anyway, but I still wouldn't mind giving one a try.

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4 thoughts on “Asian scroll MID concept

  • This would be nice, if some how they can manage to have the display from your mobile phone, Netbook, etc… show on the scroll over Bluetooth. Of course it’s not possible yet, but this would be nice to be able to pull out your scroll and access your Netbook in your carry bag or use your mobile phone web over to the scroll. Maybe now that Bluetooth 3.0 has been officially announced, we can maybe look for something like this in the near future.

  • This makes sense as long as it is technically feasible. I’m sure we’ll see something like this one day. The closest thing similar to this is the Readius. I hear Readius lacks capital to bring the product to market.

  • this looks incredibly similar to a prop that was used in the US sci fi tv show filmed in Canada callled “Earth: Final Conflict” created by Gene Roddenberry. (you may remember Gene as the creator of the original “Star Trek” :)

    it served as a video phone, scanner, computer, etc. an all purpose everything gizmo.

    always thought it looked like something that i’d like to have…


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