Non-US Sony Vaio P models can now be unlocked


Two months ago, a hack to enable HSDPA became available for US models of the Sony Vaio P that let people use AT&T and T-Mobile SIM cards for their mobile internet needs.

This was great news for those in the US, but what about for users in other countries or folks who wanted to import a unit with a faster processor? Up until a few days ago, these people were out of luck.

But not anymore! DC-unlocker has been working with and has just announced that the Option GTM 382 data card (displayed in the Device Manager as the Globetrotter MO40x) found inside the highly configurable Vaio P90 can now be unlocked.


There seems to be an issue right now with getting the unlocked modem to work properly in the US, but Conics has confirmed via email that everything is as it should be in Japan and Europe.

The US is the only region that offers the Vaio P with the Gobi chipset; every other region that sells the P with built-in WWAN uses the now unlockable Globetrotter MO40x. Chart of all regional models here.

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[DC-unlocker via Pocketables Forum | Conics]
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2 thoughts on “Non-US Sony Vaio P models can now be unlocked

  • This is good for those that really want to unlock there P to use the modem.

  • That’s really great to hear :D, I’m considering getting one soon and I’m from the UK :).


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