Unboxing the Viliv S5 Premium


The fine folks at Dynamism kindly arranged for Viliv to send me a brand new S5 Premium MID from Korea for testing. While I get to know the Atom-based unit and put together my full review, have a look at what was inside the stack of boxes that arrived this afternoon.







Retail versions of the Viliv S5 will not contain the car kit or leather carrying case you see below, but you may be able to get it free, along with a spare battery, if you preorder from Dynamism. The special launch event will be held on April 27th (1 p.m. EST) and is limited to the first 200 orders.




The leather case is of very high quality, with red cross-stitching and thoughtful attention to detail. Here's a closer look at it:





Quick Look

I'll explore the hardware in much greater depth and provide a comprehensive look at the S5 Premium's features/capabilities in my complete review. What follows is just a silent sneak peek at some of what's to come.








Check back later for my full review. In the meantime, visit the Viliv S5 forum to ask questions and read what some S5 owners are saying about the pocketable MID.

Update: Viliv S5 review now available!

The Viliv S5 Premium will be available from Dynamism for $599.

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20 thoughts on “Unboxing the Viliv S5 Premium

  • Woahhh! since when do you have a Benq S6?! I wants! lol or did wants

  • Hopefully in the next updated Viliv, they will include Mic, webcam, SD card slot, and maybe add a slider type keyboard. Over I don’t think its a bad device, which I was going to buy one but then decided to get my Sony P. :) Jenn let us know how well the on screen keyboard works. By the way, does it include GPS? I don’t remember if it did or not. We will be waiting on your thoughts of the Viliv.

  • Just checked and it does have GPS. Jenn can you test a HD 720p movie? It says that it can play it and that it will play for 6 hours.

  • I am unbelievably jealous of you.

  • hulu HD TV streaming is ok? i will use it as a portable tv. ggg

  • Oh wow, I didn’t realise how small it was before those last few photos!

    Looking very much forward to your review, Jenn :)

  • Avatar of cowbell77

    How big a deal is it that this version doesn’t have 3G? I’ve been anticipating the US launch of the Viliv S5, but was disappointed to see it doesn’t have 3G. Seems to me that if I’m going to buy this thing to access the internet on the go it’s important that the connection is fast. How big a deal is 3G versus non-3G. Any word on when the 3G version will be released?

  • Avatar of Horpied

    Price is attractive but no hw keyboard kills it for me.

  • It will play around 5 hours of 1080p, tested with a 40Mbps Blu-Ray rip.

  • Do you have an N810 to compare it to in terms of size?

    Would be nice to see it next to one.

  • Yes, it does have a GRS in it. I believe it’s a Sirf Star III.

  • I am very envious of you right now… Maybe I should just pay $799 and get BIN from ebay.

  • If you can wait until May for it to arrive, I’d recommend trying for one of the preorder units at Dynamism. $599 plus all those accessories for free is a great deal! I imagine that their stock will run out pretty quickly, but it’s worth a try to save $200 ($335 if you count the cost of the accessories).

  • Sure! I’ve just added a photo showing the S5 with the N800, N810, and mylo 2. Hope it helps put the Viliv in better context for you. :)

  • Oh, it’s not mine. It’s still the one I got on loan from Intel for the MID Moves tour in January. It’s just sitting around waiting to be returned!

  • Viliv doesn’t have a firm schedule in place for the US yet, so I don’t know when the 3G version will be released. Personally, I’m beginning to care a bit less about having built-in 3G because I don’t have a spare SIM anymore and it’s easier just to tether via Bluetooth or USB than swap cards.

  • Thanks Jenn! I just realized that it does not have a built-in webcam or mic. This is a deal breaker for my portable device. I think I may have to follow you and get the Sony Vaio P. With all things considered, it does seem to be the perfect replacement for my aging U810…

  • Is it possible to set alarms to wake the device from standby mode?

    Sorry for what’s probably an obvious question, but I’ve enver used standby mode on my desktop or laptop computers, or depended on them to remind me of appointments. But my first requirement for pocket computers is that they have to be keep track of appointments for me.


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