Black UMID mbook M1 gets matching keyboard


Though the UMID mbook M1 has only been available for purchase in white so far, there was once a time when the Atom-based clamshell was seen sporting red, pink, and black casings. What many didn't like about the glossy colors, however, was the stark white keyboard used on all four models (photos here).

The red and pink devices are still nowhere to be found, but Lazion just got some hands-on time with the newly unveiled black mbook M1 that comes with . . . wait for it . . . a black keyboard!


Quite the improvement from what we saw at CES 2009, wouldn't you say?


It isn't clear yet when this new black model will be released, but I assume it'll be soon since the casing has already been revised due to previous build quality issues.

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13 thoughts on “Black UMID mbook M1 gets matching keyboard

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    looks sleek :D

    btw, it seems that recently i have to enter something in one of the lines below the comment field to activate the buttons, even to said lines are pre-filled from earlier visits…

  • I agree. It’s amazing what a difference the color of a keyboard can make!

    Hmm. That’s odd about the comments. The system I’m using (TypePad Connect) is still in beta and occasionally gets buggy. Must be something with the javascript. If the problem continues or gets worse, let me know and I’ll contact the feedback team.

  • Wow, it looks really great in black! And flat black it is, at least the inside. The M1 is very tempting, if it wasn’t for only 521 gb. of RAM. And the lack of a mouse pointer.

    Maybe I could live without the mouse pointer, but I refuse to live with only 512 mb. RAM, this is deffently not enough for me. I have just upgraded my 4 year old HP laptop, which originally came with 512 gb. RAM and XP Home. Even when I put a fresh installation of XP on it, it outmaxed the RAM very easily. Now, with 1.25 gb it flies!

    Please release M1 with, at least, 1 gb. RAM. Then I’m in!

  • That is one attractive mini-computer. Even though I have no idea what I would use it for, I want one…

  • I noticed the new plastic is not glossy – and it looks classier the new non glossy way. Apart from the battery that is that seems to be glossy black oddly.

    It does need 1GB for windows 7 in my opinion. XP is so old hat.

  • That’s what I said: I myself love white, but to give others a high-end feeling, UMID must offer black.

    I like UMID designers. They put more weight on internal than external. Only dumb and cheap (inside) people make a buying decision based on looks. They do not deserver a mBook in the first place.

    More than 512 MB is of course a better thing, but 512 is enough for both XP and Win7, as long as one does not run stupid apps like Oracle and iTunes etc. With win7, one can use the ReadyBoost to use the miniSD to compensate small RAM.

    The real problem is the horrible GMA 500 driver, it uses up half of the 512MB RAM for nothing. Otherwise 512 MB is more than adequate for anyting and anybody.

  • My white M1 is arriving today or tomorrow morning….

    So, if I’d a choice, I might have gone for the black on black, think it looks pretty sharp….

    Maybe like others on the forums, I’ll get one later as a spare or so I can choose what color I want to use each day…. ;-)

  • Ah, then, you’re probably waiting for news about the pink and red models getting matching keyboards too! ;-)

    I’m actually really surprised that so many people mention getting additional units. That says something about the price…


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