Sony Vaio P in new colors with dark brown keyboard


Sony Style Japan's Vaio Owner Made program, which allows buyers to customize their configurations to the hilt, has just added a few new options for would-be Vaio P owners to choose from when building the mini notebook that suits them best. Sure, it'll take a moment to decide between the Intel Atom processors (1.33GHz to 2.0GHz), storage capacities (up to 80GB HDD, 256GB SSD), and wireless options, but the real test of those decision-making skills is when it comes down to the color.

As if having to choose between the launch colors (onyx black, garnet red, peridot green, and crystal white) wasn't hard enough, Sony went ahead and added pyrite gold, frozen white, mesh garnet, layered peridot, and a dark brown keyboard to the mix. Decisions, decisions.


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[Sony Style Japan]

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6 thoughts on “Sony Vaio P in new colors with dark brown keyboard

  • It seems that the VGN-P50 also offers an XO option. At last!

  • You mean “pyrite” gold :)

    Also, the 1GB of RAM on the XP model is not upgradable. XP drivers will be made available for those with Vista.

    Price drops about $50 too for this model.


  • Haha, you’re right! My romaji and katakana are quite rusty. While I’m fixing things, do you have any idea what “reiyado” is supposed to be?

  • it’s ” Layered Peridot ”

    these colour names from sony get more ridiculous with each new model :)

  • Heh, there you go.

    The price is actually quite tempting now. If it wasn’t for the fixed 1GB limit!

  • Oh, *layered*! I couldn’t figure that one out at all. Thanks, Brett! :)


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