Kohjinsha readies SK3 UMPC for release


UPDATE: Official Kohjinsha SK3 product page

UMPCPortal received some early info and press shots today of a new 7-inch convertible UMPC that Kohjinsha is expected to release in Japan later this week.

Estimated to sell for between $700 and $800, the Atom-based SK3 looks to be a marginal upgrade to last summer's SC3, offering little more than a modified casing, dual cameras, and 802.11n WiFi support. The unit hasn't been added to the Kohjinsha website yet so there's still a sliver of a chance that the currently reported specs (1.33GHz Intel Atom Z520, 2.3-hour battery life, XP Home) could turn out to be more impressive and upgrade-worthy [UPDATE: Nope!]. If not, at least the SK3 still has the SC3's ExpressCard/34 slot, ethernet and VGA ports, and integrated GPS.

Then again, if the SK3 doesn't bring more to the table (e.g., faster CPU, longer battery life, SSD, 3G), why not save a few hundred dollars and get the SC3 that now retails for 49,800 yen (~$521) instead?

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9 thoughts on “Kohjinsha readies SK3 UMPC for release

  • I don’t get this one, especially if the specs are true. What’s the point of releasing last year’s specs? More money for basically the same hardware. Way to go, Kohjinsha. Way to go.

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    I’m glad it’s not much of an update! :) The only thing they could do to improve the SC3 is: Active digitizer (but keep the amazing screen quality), better battery life, faster hard drive/SSD. As those things aren’t going to happen any time soon (especially the digitizer) I’m happy with what I’ve got.

  • According to Engadget the SK3 will have full Windows 7 support as well, which the SC3 may or may not have. (Though I’d assume that most of the SK3 drivers would still work on the SC3 probably anyway.)

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    I’m running solely Win 7 on my machine without any problems.

  • I will still keep my SC3 as well. At least now that the Video driver that was released is working great on my SC3. I now have Aero Glass enabled on it without a problem. You can get a good 2.5 hrs on the SC3 and sometimes close to 3 if you have all the radios off. When I’m working on just documents I don’t really turn on the radios until I’m ready to use the Wi-Fi or the BT for on the road emailing and web surfing.

  • Jenn have you installed the video driver on your SC3? I also installed it on my Sony P and works much better also.

  • No, not yet. To be honest, I don’t remember the last time I turned on the SC3! I generally don’t watch videos on my computers either, so I haven’t been bothered with the current driver’s performance. Do you still need PowerDVD to watch HD videos with the new driver?

  • Avatar of The Niles

    No you don’t but I have had problems running full HD video’s with very high bit rates but less extravagant HD content runs smoothly. The difference between full screen and windowed is gone as well.

  • I don’t watch videos myself except if on the web page. The new driver does help even when browsing, loads the pages more smooth. It’s also been a while since I have fully used the SC3 but thought I would test out this new driver. It does make a difference and I now have Aero Glass turned on and working good. Right now my MSI and Sony P are the main computers I have been using besides my MacBook Uni-Body. Like Niles said running full HD with very high bit rate still will be a problem, but less ones are playing good.


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