Will you wait for Intel Moorestown-based mediaphones?

Inventec_mediaphone The big news about little devices coming out of Computex right now is Intel's re-introduction of Moorestown/Moblin V2 mediaphones. One of the first products to be part of this new group of gadgets is the unnamed turquoise slate you see here, a handheld branded by Inventec that will probably never be released. The device hasn't been seen powered on yet, but it could certainly be one of the three working Moorestown units Intel will be showing off at an Ultra Mobility Event scheduled for Thursday afternoon in Taipei (that's Wednesday evening in Hawaii). Update: Photo and basic specs of five Moorestown devices below.

Chippy has his predictions for the presentation laid out at MIDMoves and while I think they're pretty spot-on, I have serious doubts about the product launch timeframe. Moorestown has always been slated for 2010, but Chippy is estimating that the platform has a chance of being launched on products later this year.

While it would be great for this to be true, I can't help but remain skeptical because of what happened with the Intel MIDs that were first introduced in 2007 and still aren't readily available without the help of an importer. The same concept devices and prototypes were trotted out at tradeshow after tradeshow, year after year, yet only a handful of them were ever released (and none in the US). Will Moorestown mediaphones meet the same fate? Will you hold off on buying a new smartphone because of the possibility of a late-2009 mediaphone launch?


Details from the event at MIDMoves (more photos expected there as well); live photos of the devices at Engadget China.

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13 thoughts on “Will you wait for Intel Moorestown-based mediaphones?

  • When will Intel ever learn? Midinux didn’t work on mids and Moblin won’t work on mediaphones. People will be clamoring to install XP or Win7 on them, and then they won’t be any different than all the XP mid phones that seem to be the rage at Computex. Different platform but still too big to be used as a cell phone.

    I’ll stick with WinMo, iphone, Symbian, and BB for my phone needs and look to Intel (or Nvidia!) for my netbook needs. I see FAIL written all over these mediaphones.

  • Intel has an embarrassing track record and these mediaphones will be further proof of that. By the time these phones are actually released, Apple will be on its 6th iPhone, Android will be dominant, and Windows Mobile will actually be usable.

    So to answer your two questions, yes and no.

  • The Moorestown stuff will still use more power than an ARM processor, no matter how much more efficient they make them than Silverthorne. With battery life being the shortcoming of most smartphones (let’s face it, batteries are the one technology which hasn’t changed in years), we need all the efficiency we can get.

  • Avatar of VinegarDoppio

    Intel has official aborted the MID design concept phone that has shown for nearly 2 years?
    IF this is true, the moorestown platform is not more so beautiful.

    is this aborted?

  • Sure looks that way. More proof that these new devices have very little chance of ever being released, IMO. Getting to know these MIDs in any detail is a waste of time.

  • Intel will be showing 3 working Moorestown products running Moblin V2. It’s hard to believe that the PC architecture can be optimised and enhanced to the point where it defines a new category of smartphones.

  • Intel needs to stay focused on PC’s. What would sell is just a simple pocket laptop with a touch type keyboard. MIDS with no keyboard equal no sales.

  • Just look at the failure of the Viliv 5 for proof of that…

  • Of couse they will, because 2Wt is very good and 0,2Wt drain – too, but only in 2010
    I will buy Archos MID i think
    2009 is the last “lost year”. In 2010 we will see the battle between Moorestown and ARM Cortex that will have Flash 10

  • Avatar of Spank Your Monkey

    Yup, all of you are spot on. Moorestown, the sequel to Intel’s hugely successful platform, Menlow, will be a complete disaster. No one would want fully functional internet experience (runs flash without a hitch) from a sleek, pocketable device with telephony. Where does Intel get off creating a device that has super-low battery drain on stand-by? I mean come on, Intel should stick to servers and desktops. God! I mean look at Menlow — the powerhorse of millions of netbooks. What a stupid platform that most people dismissed — selling millions of those devices in a recession. You know? I don’t understand how this makes any financial sense for Intel, the world’s largest semiconductor company. Nope. It’s all over for Intel. I will eat my words if even ONE of these devices ever gets sold.

    Go piss on yourselves.

  • Menlow is hardly a success with all the GMA 500 driver issues holding it back. It also wasn’t originally designed for netbooks. The Z500 series was supposed to be exclusive to MID and UMPC products.

    As for Moorestown, who said the platform itself will fail? The issue here seems to be the whether the products will launch according to schedule. The secondary issue at hand is the value of the products that Moorestown will be in.

    The sarcasm and tone weren’t necessary. We’re all adults here. At least I hope we are. :D

  • Avatar of VinegarDoppio

    The project Moorestown will be a big failture if they won’t release the concept Moorestown MidPhone that they have shawned for nearly 2 years.
    All people aspect this to buy a Moorestown platform.

  • It’s not whether moorestown can perform likeit’s ARM-based counterparts or even outperform them, it’s the reliability aspect. Can I trust moorestown devices to be as readily available as other smartphones? Consumers have been burned once with the promise of Atom-based MIDs that never can through, trust me the majority of them are already looking the other way.
    In my opinion I’d probably pick a moorestown device over an snapdragon or Tegra-based smartphone simply because besides Ubuntu and Android, I can install the familiar Windows vista or 7 on it.
    It’s like Apple trying sell as many computers as all PC manufacturers combined. In as much as 99 percent of people desire a Macbook, Apple can’t sell as many PCs with their current prices. Likewise Intel can’t sell as many moorestown devices without availability and the magic sub-$500 price range.
    If Intel keeps disappointing after hyping up their best products, no one’s gonna believe them anymore. No one’s gonna be budgeting for their atom or moorestown-based devices.
    Whatever they did to get manufacturers like Asus and Acer to buy millions of their netbook chips needs to be done again with the moorestown platform.

    And, what’s going on? Where’s all the publicity? Didn’t we just see live demos of moorestown-based devices? Nvidia tore up the internet with info, articles, specs and videos of demos of their Tegra and Qualcomm hasn’t been playing around either. Intel, wake up. If you really want to sell out, give us more info about moorestown. Invite popular bloggers (gizmodo, engadget, umpcportal, gottabemobile) and influencial tech folk to an organized fun party night in a secret location and fill the house with moorestown devices and watch the hype; but DO NOT DISSAPOINT IN DLIVERY!!


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