MIU HDPC inches closer to US release (or does it?)


The last time we heard about MIU Technology's HDPC (hybrid dual portable computer)—the MID phone with two operating systems, CPUs, and screens—the Korean company had everything in place for mass production to begin . . . except the $500K needed to complete the prerequisite sample units. Today, six months later, MIU is headed to the United States to meet prospective buyers and investors face-to-face with a finalized product that won the WIPO Award for best invention at the Korea Invention Patent Exhibition (see certificate scan below).


The identities of the potential business partners haven't been revealed, though it's worth noting that LG Telecom, Samsung, SKT, and government-related firms in Korea were all mentioned in the past.

Whether any of these companies or their American counterparts are still interested in helping to fund the production of the multifunctional unit is unknown, but a publicly advertised trip to the US to discuss business objectives and other details with what Google Translate is calling "large buyers and contractors" as well as "direct investors" is certainly promising.

Actually, according to the news release dated 7/12, MIU is most likely already here in the States and engaged in conversation with the interested parties.

Why "most likely"?

Well, the one thing that isn't promising about the news is the fact that the entire MIU website has suddenly been taken offline (as of this writing). I found word about the US trip yesterday, downloaded the WIPO Award image, and bookmarked the relevant pages to write it up today. When I tried to access the site this morning, however, all I got were a bunch of "404 Not Found" errors and what I believe is an expiration notice from the hosting company. Though not as ominous as the situation with Raon Digital, it doesn't exactly inspire confidence in MIU now does it?

Note: To prove that I haven't gone crazy or pulled the story out of thin air, here are some cached screen grabs.


Clicking on the circled story via the cached page returns nothing now, but it used to take you to this:


Run it through Google Translate and you get this:


I sent an email to my contact at MIU and the general webmaster address requesting more solid information yesterday but haven't received a response from anyone yet. I guess I know why now.

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