Viliv S5 enhanced by XP Tablet PC Edition 2005

This guest article was submitted by Hector Gomez.


It's only been two days since I installed Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 on my Viliv S5 and already the MID, which natively runs XP Home, has become a lot more useful to me. I'm hoping that it will get even better in the days to come. Installing the Tablet features on the S5 didn’t take too long and I was able to do it without reinstalling the OS, which made it quick and easy.

So far, one of my favorite features is that the TIP (tablet input panel) shows up when you click in a data-input field so that you don’t have to use the virtual keyboard. Not that I don’t like using the default on-screen keyboard or anything, but when I'm holding the S5 while standing, it feels more natural to write on the screen and either manually insert the text or set it to automatically insert after a certain amount of pause.

What I also like doing is using Windows Journal in portrait mode. It's great! It transforms the Viliv S5 into a little notebook that lets me take notes and email them or, as you can see in the video I put together below, convert my handwriting to regular text. The scratch-out gesture, which will remove the ink when I simply scratch out about 60% of the writing (you can see this demonstrated in the video), is also working great.

My next step is to install Office 2007 and use OneNote, Word, Excel, and Outlook, my main applications for work.

If Viliv had included XP Tablet Edition PC 2005 on the Viliv S5 instead of the XP Home, I think users would get a lot more out of the device. Could this be the smallest pocketable tablet?

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Hector Gomez take cares of his company’s customer service and is also responsible for the computers at the office.

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