Waiting for Samsung Mondi MID delivery worsens gadget OCD

Samsung_mondi_deliveryWhen I purchased the Samsung Mondi WiMAX MID on Tuesday, the day it became available on, my order status showed an estimated delivery date of Friday, July 24th, also known as tomorrow.

LetsTalk follows a three-step process in its shipping procedure: Picking & Packing, Ready to Ship, and Shipped. I was told by a customer representative, who I needed to call for a rather extensive ID confirmation, that an email would notify me when the warehouse fulfilled my order. So when I woke up the next day (yesterday) and found no shipment notification in my inbox, I decided to check on the order status myself.

The Mondi was in the "picking" portion of the Picking & Packing stage and was now showing an estimated delivery date of Monday, July 27th. Knowing full well what happens to my gadget lust when I have to wait longer than expected, my obsessive-compulsive tendencies kicked into gear and I began checking the order status page incessantly. Did it ship yet? How 'bout now? What about now?

Yesterday came and went with no update.

So what's the first thing I do from my iPhone 3GS, which I keep next to my pillow to check the time (I can't see the clock without my contacts), when just one eye pops open this morning? Visit the LetsTalk order status page, of course.


What? My Mondi is still being picked (grabbing a box from a shelf sure sounds complicated) and now my estimated delivery date has slipped to Tuesday, July 28th.

Mondi_stock At this point, I feel quite certain that tomorrow, that date will be pushed back to the 29th . . . and so on and so forth until August 1st rolls around, the day that select Clearwire and Best Buy stores are expected to stock their shelves.

Perhaps my Mondi isn't able to proceed past the "picking" area at the LetsTalk warehouse because it's not really there!

And if the device isn't really in stock right now, isn't the line in the press release that reads "The Mondi is currently available on and at select Samsung authorized distributors" and the "Availability: In Stock" notice on the LetsTalk product page incredibly misleading?

Something along the lines of "Usually ships within 1 to 2 weeks" would've been much more appropriate. It also would've helped to curtail the rapid increase in my gadget OCD intensity. I've already read the Mondi manual, tweeted about it, braced myself for no change in my order status many times since I've been awake today, and now written this post. Frankly, I almost don't care whether the product is even any good anymore. I don't care how it will fit into my gadget arsenal or whether it'll be eligible for a Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade either. I just want it!

If you ordered the Samsung Mondi from LetsTalk, did you get an actual shipment notification yet? Or are you in estimated shipping/delivery limbo too?

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