How have your feelings about the Nokia N900 changed?


When the first set of images of the upcoming Nokia N900 (RX-51/Rover) were posted earlier this month, some of you expressed disappointment in the comments section over the fact that the Internet Tablet of yore was being turned into a smartphone with a 3.5-inch screen.

Pocketables reader Sarig shared this sentiment and said the device was "too small now" and that he "may as well get a run-of-the-mill smartphone instead." Today, however, after seeing all of the images and screen captures of the N900 put out by, Sarig emailed me with a link to the article and said: "I was all but ready to discard the N900 because of its smaller screen, but now I want one!"

Have any of you had a similar change of heart?



While Maemo 5 looks polished and incredibly finger-friendly, the Cortex A8 CPU is something I still wish my Samsung Mondi had, and the 5-megapixel camera is better than the built-in cameras on any of my other devices, I still can't get too excited about this. To be frank, I'm more anxious to get my hands on the upcoming Zune HD and find out what Archos has up its sleeve next month than to see the N900's official announcement. I can certainly understand the N900 appeal for Linux folk who can't wait to tinker with the OS and lighten their pockets with a single converged device like this, but that doesn't describe me.

According to, the N900 will be released in late 2009 and be priced at €550 (~$783). Although the price is subject to change, I assume that's what it's expected to cost without a contract and that US pricing will be lower. Either way, I don't think I'll be getting one.

What about you? How have the new images and screen shots affected your thoughts on the N900?

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14 thoughts on “How have your feelings about the Nokia N900 changed?

  • 3.5″ is going to be sub-optmimal for web but…Mozilla Brower and all that lovely web2.0-ness really makes one think.

    My Omnia Pro order is hanging by a very thin thread right now!

  • Woot, I got mentioned! :)

    “I can certainly understand the N900 appeal for Linux folk who can’t wait to tinker with the OS and lighten their pockets with a single converged device like this, but that doesn’t describe me.”

    This is pretty important for me, despite not being a programmer or particularly software savvy. I just know that with an OS this close to the rest of the linux world, there will be hundreds of other people porting stuff over :)

    I’m always for open platforms, like S60, WinWo and Android, but the two first – quite honestly – despite the huge amount of apps, doesn’t really have all that much interesting for them, not the huge current massmarket development drive that Android and iPhone OS boasts. Android however is all about sending on everything you do to Google, and depends on the cloud, which sucks for me who like to only connect when I want to (bit of a requirement if you want to travel really), and iPhone isn’t an open platform (not advanced enough).

    So Maemo has always fascinated me quite a lot, and with all these new screenshot, that feeling hasn’t lessened. It still seems very much a MID OS, but I must say, I’m quite impressed by how well they seem to have integrated phone stuff into it. And have even decided to keep it in landscape all the time, at least judging by the photos, which is quite remarkable for a device that fits into the smartphone category as well.

  • Avatar of John Q. Public

    I’ll pass on this one too. Too big for a phone, too small for a MID. I predict this will not be a winner for Nokia.

  • Nope. I won’t be getting this one.

    I’ve owned the previous generation NITs, and really enjoyed them. However, the addition of the phone and the shrinking of the LCD really kills this device for me.

  • Avatar of johnkzin

    It will depend a LOT on the feel of the keyboard. If it has a GOOD feel (like the G1) then I’ll probably like it (but not love it). If it has a feel similar to the N810’s keyboard, I’ll hate it.

    I also hope that it’ll have decent battery live, the ability to act as a wifi hotspot for my netbook (or for an Apple 10″ tablet ;-) ), or least do tethering. I also someone eventually ports Dalvik to it.

    It’s not going to be perfect… there are lots of little decisions I would have done differently. 4.1″ screen size, dpad on the face, 5 row keyboard, USB on a long edge instead of a short end. But I can probably live with those being less than optimal. But they keyboard will be the big deal to me — if it’s not usable, I wont want the device. If it is, then I’ll live with the other deficiencies.

  • Avatar of ddjozone

    This look like the device that might bring me back to Nokia, the n97 I tried for 3weeks and really wanted to make work but ended picking up the iPhone 3gs… If the new OS experience is a rich or comparable to what the iPhone offers then we might have a winner… The camera, will be sweet to record my gigs with :)

  • Avatar of Michael

    Fail….so fail.

    Bigger screen, better cpu, and just maybe a little more love to the consumer base on that price list and it’d be worth while.

    For now, I’m gonna say no. Nokia has killed the N series Tablets for me.

  • Still wanted a 4.1 but understand the market wants a 3.5 right now and is the right decision. Expect bigger versions in 2010.

    Either way, im still buying it. :)

  • Avatar of John in Norway

    3.5 inch screen? 550 Euro? 3 row keyboard? No thanks.

  • Avatar of UMPCman

    Fail. I think I will be happier with my N800. Nokia has totally lost its game in the past couple of years.

  • screen too small….

    I really think the N810 was my idea of the perfect form factor for a pocketPC

  • Avatar of pratfall

    Mebbe. I live near one of Nokia’s flagship stores, so I’ll probably go check it out. I’ve been waiting for Nokia to integrate a phone into their Maemo tablets- I never carry my 770, and just slug along with the awful browser and media player in my BB8310, because charging and carrying two devices just doesn’t happen with me.

    I’d have been all over it if they had kept the N810 layout, but the 3.5″ display is still 800×480, from what I read, so that’s ok with me. What I really miss is the directional pad off the N810- how am I supposed to play NES/SNES games on the N900?

    I’m between the N900 and the Palm Pre right now; I’m a power UNIX user, so I’m looking for stuff like OpenVPN, a solid XMPP client, SSH client, and, pie in the sky, but vaulable, SSHFS, EncFS and a Bacula client. Based on my N770 experience, the N900 is probably my better bet, but its possible more Pre developers will get off the ground by the time I’m ready to buy.

  • Avatar of Soul_Est

    I like the new device. Coming from a WinMo phone with only a 2.8″ QVGA screen, the screen on the N900 is huge. As others have said, the screen could be bigger, but answer me this: Can you fit a N770, N800 or N810 in your pants pocket? IMO, the biggest reason many never got the tablets was because of their size and the lack of GSM and HSPA modems (that was mine at least despite serious considering getting one). The N900 is the size it is because of the technology behind it (it has a 3.5″ ‘LCD’ screen not ‘OLED’). I sure many would like a 4.0″ or even a 4.3″ sized LCD or OLED screen (the former would suit me just fine) but then weight becomes a factor a well as a higher price tag and worse battery life (depending on tech used). I would get this device. It’s no pocket pc yet but it’s a good start. Beside there might just be a N910 with a 4.0″ OLED screen and better keyboard. ;)

  • The N900 looks too similar to the Nokia N97. + the 3.5 inch screen and keyboard. I already own a Nokia N97,

    -Maemo 5’s interface looks allot like Symbian S60 with a different background.

    -N97 has an wifi browser. The size of the screen is the same

    -32gb storage. 5.0 mp camera

    Seriously… Maemo 5 is just like S60 it’s new. It still has bugs, and it’s just not ready yet. I buy MID’s because they’re comfortable and fast to use whenever I want. If Nokia’s going to give me an MID that gives me the same hassle as internetting on a phone. I see no reason to replace my N97 with a N900.



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