How have your feelings about the Nokia N900 changed?


When the first set of images of the upcoming Nokia N900 (RX-51/Rover) were posted earlier this month, some of you expressed disappointment in the comments section over the fact that the Internet Tablet of yore was being turned into a smartphone with a 3.5-inch screen.

Pocketables reader Sarig shared this sentiment and said the device was "too small now" and that he "may as well get a run-of-the-mill smartphone instead." Today, however, after seeing all of the images and screen captures of the N900 put out by, Sarig emailed me with a link to the article and said: "I was all but ready to discard the N900 because of its smaller screen, but now I want one!"

Have any of you had a similar change of heart?



While Maemo 5 looks polished and incredibly finger-friendly, the Cortex A8 CPU is something I still wish my Samsung Mondi had, and the 5-megapixel camera is better than the built-in cameras on any of my other devices, I still can't get too excited about this. To be frank, I'm more anxious to get my hands on the upcoming Zune HD and find out what Archos has up its sleeve next month than to see the N900's official announcement. I can certainly understand the N900 appeal for Linux folk who can't wait to tinker with the OS and lighten their pockets with a single converged device like this, but that doesn't describe me.

According to, the N900 will be released in late 2009 and be priced at €550 (~$783). Although the price is subject to change, I assume that's what it's expected to cost without a contract and that US pricing will be lower. Either way, I don't think I'll be getting one.

What about you? How have the new images and screen shots affected your thoughts on the N900?

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