Archos 5 Internet Tablet user manual now online


The Android-based Archos 5 Internet Tablet that just became official last week may still be listed as "coming soon" at the Archos store and only available for preorder on Amazonir?t=pocketables 20&l=as2&o=1&a=B002OL2PLU - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here, but don't let that stop you from learning everything there is to know about the 800MHz Cortex A8-powered slate through the 55-page user manual (PDF) that has just been added to the company's support page.

Well, okay, you probably won't learn everything about the device, but official documentation is always a good supplement to guided video tours and overviews. And that's the next best thing to actually having the gadget in your hands, right?

Thanks, Yoko!

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9 thoughts on “Archos 5 Internet Tablet user manual now online

  • Avatar of squirrel

    i looked through but its still not clear for me
    1) is it possible to use USB Host on the go?
    2) how to use 3G modems through Bluetooth
    3) how to install programs

  • Avatar of Waiting for Nokia

    When is this thing going to be available! Has it actually hit the streets of Paris? This should throw the gauntlet to Nokia, and make them get with the program and make a real successor to the n810 (with a real processor)!

  • I think it was released in France last week. I haven’t seen a firm availability date for anywhere else, but I assume it’s soon.

  • 1) This should be possible with the mini dock, which was designed for the non-Android version of the device but that should still be compatible with the new model:

    2) What kind of 3G modems are you talking about? If it’s just 3G-enabled phones, connectivity is likely managed through a Bluetooth connection manager.

    3) Installing programs should be a simple process with the AppsLib store directly on the device. Other apps, if supported, will probably need to be installed with the help of a computer.

  • Avatar of Yanda

    It’s been out already, some people already received their unit, for more info you can check out

  • Avatar of Waiting for Nokia

    Thank you Yanda! I’ll check it out. Go Android!

  • from a video on their site, one should be able to install non-applib apps by simply opening the installer file from the device own filesystem…

  • You’re right! It looks like a simple matter of downloading the .apk file and double-clicking to install it. I assume every single Android app won’t necessarily be 100% compatible (something about the WVGA resolution?), but it’s good to know that AppsLib won’t be the only way to get apps.

  • None of the US retailers, including Archos, have the units in stock yet.


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