AT&T finally delivers MMS to iPhone users


Well folks, it's been a long time coming, but we iPhone users here in the U.S. can now send MMS messages, courtesy of the latest carrier update pushed out by AT&T and Apple just a short while ago. Most cell phone users have been doing this for years, even those with inexpensive non-smartphones, but Apple insisted that we use traditional email to send pictures. Although iPhone users in other parts of the world have had this functionality since the 3.0 update a few short months ago, we were still forced to wait here in the U.S., mainly because AT&T needed to make sure their network was ready to handle it.

Simply connect your iPhone (OS 3.1 only) to iTunes 9 and follow the directions to download and update the new AT&T 5.5 carrier file, which takes just a few seconds or so. When complete, reboot the phone and start exchanging pictures with all of your flip phone-carrying friends!

Honestly, I have been anxiously awaiting this feature for so long, I found myself checking iTunes for updates all morning. It was a little embarrassing telling people that they couldn't send me a picture because my fancy, schmancy iPhone couldn't receive MMS messages.

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4 thoughts on “AT&T finally delivers MMS to iPhone users

  • It’s pathetic that something so basic is being applauded, but I’m really happy to finally get MMS functionality too. It should’ve been a feature of the first-gen iPhone, of course, but the fact that it’s finally here is still good news.

  • It is amazing that it took over two years to get something as simple as MMS. I thought for sure this post would open the door for other smartphone users to come in and take a few jabs at the iPhone :-)

  • Avatar of Frank

    If you haven’t upgraded to 3.1 DON’T DO IT for this! It’s not worth it! I so wish I could go back to 3.0. My phone takes forever to wake up any more. Sometimes I miss calls because they go to voice mail before the phone wakes up. Other times the battery will show full, but I will have issues connecting to the internet the first time I try then after a second try it will work. Then next thing I know the battery will be at 10% and thinking back it did seem weird that the battery was as “charged” as it was when it showed almost fully charged. Bad things wait till 3.11 (which I doesn’ exist yet, but it HAS to be coming$

  • Hmm, I have upgraded both an iPhone 3GS and an iPhone 3G to 3.1 and have not had any issues whatsoever. I even have the 3G jailbroken, and it all works great.

    To be honest, every iPhone OS update I have done since the first model came out over two years ago has gone very smoothly, never a problem.

    Knock on wood, of course :-)


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