Busy day at IDF 2009


With the Intel Developer Forum (IDF 2009) starting today in San Francisco and running through Thursday, there should be a nice stream of mobile device news hitting the web this week. Any MID news is good news here, and hopefully some of these announced devices are actually released without delay (we're sick of reference designs and concepts that never see the light of day!).

Jenn has already pointed out the unveiling of a prototype of the upcoming UMID M2 that Steve over at UMPC Portal was lucky enough to see in person and snap some pictures for us to drool over. Could this be the killer device everyone has been waiting for, or will some other company step to the forefront?

Today's other big news is Moblin 2.1 for handhelds and the Intel Atom Developer Program. Stay tuned for more coverage throughout this week. It should be pretty interesting and at least provide us a glimpse of what is to come in the near future.

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5 thoughts on “Busy day at IDF 2009

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    Well I doubt the M2 is going to be anything super special. My main problem with these devices is that they are running operating systems and programs that are intended to be used not only on faster hardware, but bigger screens.

    These MID devices really need to use programs and OS’s that cater to the actual hardware. I think intel has realized this which is the reason for Moblin and the push for software for “netbooks”.

    Personally I want mobile operating systems like moblin, iPhone OS, windows mobile, and android to evolve for devices with screens up to 10″ but preferably closer to 5″. Right now I just discovered that autodesk released it’s sketching software for the iPhone. The number and quality of apps really makes me crave for a 7″ apple tablet with an iPhone os that can multitask and that just brings an overall higher level of performance to accomadate the larger screen.

  • I am also very interested to see how Moblin progresses, because I like what I see so far.

  • Yet the first thing many will try to do with a MID without a desktop OS is try to install one! :-)

    Moblin *does* look interesting, but if the same device could be configured with that or full Windows (whether it be XP, Vista, or 7), I’d still choose the latter.

  • I’m just waiting for the release version of Win 7 next month. That will answer all of my questions if it can transform the performance of my U820. If so, then I can live without a mobile OS for a while longer.

  • U all can try to revive this topic. but as U can see. Nobody is interested. I say, There is no UMPC/MID market in the United States. It is what is is. No matter how hard U guys try. There is none. I am sorry.


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