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While the Nokia N900 is possibly only a few short weeks away from release, those of us who are eagerly awaiting its arrival now have some newly-posted thorough previews and pictures to hold us over. Even though Amazon's pre-order link was apparently gone for a few days and replaced with an email notification page, I'm still hopeful that Nokia will come through on their original mid-October promised delivery.

Thanks to Eldar over at, we now have screenshots of just about every conceivable feature in Maemo 5, and while a picture is supposed to say a thousand words, he really has gone into great detail regarding the software that's powering the new smartphone. Some of the screens may look slightly familiar to those of us with the older-generation Internet Tablets like the N8XX-series, but this is definitely not a rehash of Diablo. It looks like there have been significant upgrades to the desktop customization options and the task manager, not to mention the completely revamped media player. Oh, and I almost forgot about the phone, which will give T-Mobile users here in the U.S. some 3G goodness and cause some jealous glances from AT&T users.

Picking up where Eldar left off, Michal at has a complete rundown of not only Maemo 5, but the N900 as well. There are some great size comparison shots of the N900 with other popular Nokia devices, similar to what we are used to seeing here at Pocketables. Also, the camera is tested and delivers some beautiful sample videos and snapshots, which should not surprise anyone who has used a Nokia phone equipped with a 5MP camera. Of note is the excellent readability of the screen, even in sunlight. One possible shortcoming might be the 256MB that is available for third-party app installation, though as Michal points out, this is merely a prototype unit and the firmware is sure to change on shipping units.

Seeing these details and pictures of the N900 is making it look like a perfect combination of three of my favorite devices that I own: the Nokia N95-4, the iPhone 3GS, and the N8XX. Maybe now I won't need three pockets.

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