Rockchip Android MID concept to be released by RAmos?

Ramos_androidStill disappointed that last month's mystery Android MID was eventually identified as just a Rockchip concept device? If so, then there's a good chance that Chinese PMP maker RAmos may be able to pull you out of the depths of despair next week with its announcement of an ARM-based Android MID capable of supporting 1080p MKV (H.264/VC-1), AVI (XviD/DivX), and other video containers/formats at bitrates between 30-40Mbps.

The teaser image you see here accompanies a news release about an event scheduled for next Friday (September 25th) that will no doubt be the stage for the official unveiling of what many are speculating will turn out to be the Rockchip concept. Though only a portion of the device is shown in the teaser, what can be seen sure looks identical to the Rockchip unit shown in previous photos and videos (and for the last time, no, it isn't the SMiT MID-560). Everything from the silver trim and rounded corners to the vertically off-centered screen all seem to match up perfectly.

Rockchip's RK2808 chipset may not necessarily be inside the RAmos MID, as 720p (not 1080p) has always been cited as the chip's main strength, but it's only an 8-day wait until we know for sure.

Thanks, Sere83!

Update: Rockchip concept comes to life as RAmos W7 Android MID

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6 thoughts on “Rockchip Android MID concept to be released by RAmos?

  • Avatar of Steven Law

    Instant buy if it does 1080p MKVs smoothly. You can hold me to that!

  • Avatar of Joseph G. Mitzen

    Big “if”. I had a rebranded Ramos/Rockchip DAP, the Latte Ice, and it was the most awful audio/video player I ever had. The older Rockchip was woefully underpowered, and even encoding under bitrate spec couldn’t guarantee audio would stay in sync. The player had no bookmarking, it sorted files *by the order they were copied onto the player*, certain audio files would cause it to enter an endless play loop, its radio couldn’t tune in *one* station even if outdoors (my Zen gets several, indoors), etc.

    Maybe this Rockchip finally has decent performance, and maybe with the use of someone else’s operating system (provided it’s implemented correctly) Ramos’ deficiencies will be shored up and it will be a decent device. However, I’d think twice about an instant buy, Mr. Law. I wholeheartedly recommend waiting for a review. Ramos’ past devices have been priced cheap… and worth every penny.

  • Avatar of Steven Law

    While it never hurts to have a healthy dose of skepticism, their recent releases (T9 through T12) have been judged, on the whole, to be quite decent, the main catch being that the ones capable of playing 720p h.264 tend to be finicky about encoding settings. We’ll see.

  • Avatar of sonofzorro

    “Chinese company will surely have no customer support.” Ancient chinese probverb if I am not mistaken.

  • Avatar of icurafu

    I think it will use the TCC8900 on the T56.

    Can decode 1080P 30 FPS on WMV9,DivX5/6, Xvid. Can do 1080i 30 FPS on H.264, Mepeg1,2,4.
    ARM11 CPU (Instead of the weak ARM9) (Has VPU)
    OS = Nucleus or an Open OS.
    Three types of DRM supported.
    ACC+ WMA Pro audio supported
    HDMI support on the board ofcourse.
    3D Accelerator

    Some discussion here…


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