Dell Streak MID running Android 2.0 comes out of hiding


It's been a while since we've heard any good MID rumors out of Dell, but the details coming out today are about to make up for that, and then some. Seems like one lucky fellow over in Vietnam was able to get some hands-on time with what's being called the Dell Streak MID, which is running the newest Eclair (aka, Android 2.0) software courtesy of Google.

Other specs include a 5-inch, 800×400 capacitive touchscreen with multitouch, full 3G broadband support plus WiFi and Bluetooth, and a 5.0 MP camera with dual-LED flash. Also coming along for the ride are a microSD slot, a 1300 mAh battery, and what looks like a front-facing camera. It apparently comes in two colors, based on the pictures, and features touch-sensitive controls along the front bezel.

A few more pictures follow past the break, along with a video showing some of the features of the admittedly prototype device and software.

From what I have read so far, most people seem to think the Streak does not have phone capabilities, but if you look closely at the video and pictures, you can clearly see an "incoming call" picture and a carrier banner during the video. If it does in fact work as a phone, this could be a very interesting competitor to the upcoming Nokia N900.


Oh, who am I kidding? The Streak looks like an awesome device, phone or not. Let's hope Dell can get this thing into production and onto the stock shelves within the near future.

[Engadget via SlashGear]

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8 thoughts on “Dell Streak MID running Android 2.0 comes out of hiding

  • Wow… I for one am really interested in a device like this! If it’s a MID that has phone capabilities, then I’m totally getting one!

    It’s kinda sad that I’m extremely excited over this rather than the Viliv S5… Same form factor, no keyboard, same device usage intent (I think?)

    For a 5″ device, it actually looks pocketable. Not the smallest smartphone in the bunch, and probably bigger than a Sidekick LX, but I believe devices like this and the N900 have a future.

  • Avatar of Sere83

    mmmm, yeah certainly looking tasty. Hope the boot up time is not that long on the retail version though. Was that a music app at the end, a revamped stock android music player or a dell creation?

    I presume with such nippy web browsing speeds we can almost certainly expect Cortex A8 or a similar next gen mobile cpu under the hood. 2010 is looking more and more like it could be the year of the droid…

  • I just picked up the Archos 5A at Best Buy the other day… I might look into this and return the A5A back and wait for the Dell MID. Unless I hear that A5A will be getting the 2.0 very soon. I was hoping to also set up the BT DUN with the A5A but so far its no working with the BB Storm.

  • Avatar of Sakamoto

    Please ship it by this year, otherwise next year will have to many competition, like Motorola Droid & SE Rachel ….I know these two are Phone & smaller screen size, but all 3 have 3G + Wifi & Android.

    But I doubt it can ship by this year but only can ship at 2010, mainly because of Android 2.0, unless they release it on 1.6 first, the allow upgrade 2.0

  • Not to get too off topic, but I was surprised when I saw a 16GB Archos 5 Android tonight at Best Buy. I would’ve never thought that they would already be in stores, at least here in the US.

    Is it just me, or has the build quality really gone downhill since the 605-series? I like the thickness and weight, but it did not even come close to the Zune HD in quality.

  • I agree on the Zune HD, I have that one as well and really like the size and build quality.

  • This is just a wonderful device if it wasn’t for the 1k price tag it is rumored of having. I bet dell isn’t going to sell many of these if the rumor turns true.


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