Fujitsu joins the party with official Windows 7 drivers for U820


UPDATE: There have been 6 more drivers added, for a total of 17.

Anything pertaining to the Fujitsu U series seems to get my attention, since I'm a very satisfied owner of a twin set. In a world full of Sony P series clamshells, touchscreen tablets from Viliv, and now Archos and its fancy new Android creation, it can sometimes seem like we U820 owners are the forgotten ones. The "little convertible that could" chugs along on either Windows Vista or XP, hoping that one day it too can experience the latest system from Microsoft and get some love.

Well, today is that day because it looks like the Fujitsu mothership has just released official Windows 7 drivers for the U820 here in the US. Looking at the list of 11 drivers, you begin to wonder why there are so many fewer than the 20 that are required for Vista. Well, part of the answer lies in the fact that Win 7 natively supports many of the hardware features of the U820, including the touchscreen, so Fujitsu was able to keep things to a minimum.

Currently missing are drivers for the GPS module, if so equipped. I placed a call to Fujitsu tech support this afternoon to find out if more drivers would be on the way, or if it was possible to use the Vista drivers in place of the missing Win 7 versions, but was not given a clear answer. They are apparently still working out some issues, so proceed with caution.

I have been very anxious to rid my U820 of Vista, so I plan on trying a clean install on my U820 in the next day or two and I'll see what happens and report back.

[Fujitsu Support Downloads]
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27 thoughts on “Fujitsu joins the party with official Windows 7 drivers for U820

  • So, I’ve been monkeying with Windows 7 on my U820 for a few days and would be interested to hear your experiences when you get around to it. I’m still having persistent driver problems.

    I started with a clean install of Win 7 Professional. The first boot comes up in like 16 color mode or something, but after it gets on the network Win 7 does pull down a working graphics driver, along with several other drivers, and things are in much better shape after the first restart.

    However, even after installing the Windows 7 specific drivers provided by Fujitsu, I’m having some problems. For example:

    – The pen tracking is off by at least half an inch as you approach the edges of the display. It gets more accurate toward the center of the screen, as if the touch panel is scaled to a different resolution than the screen is showing. Calibration through the Tablet PC control panel doesn’t seem to help. It basically makes it impossible to use the pen.

    – I can’t seem to get the buttons (keyboard lights, screen rotation) to work at all, even with the button driver installed.

    I’m going to wipe it again and start over, but if you do get it all to work, please take notes on how you did it. :)

    (Is there a specific install sequence to follow? Is there ANY official documentation from Fujitsu on upgrading the U820 to Windows 7? I couldn’t find anything.)

    I will say that Windows 7 has MUCH better performance on this little guy than Vista ever did. No more constantly-on hard drive light!

  • no win 7 drivers for my p1620 yet, i am afraid
    does anyone know if the win 7 drivers for p1630 is compatible with p1620?

  • 1. Install Windows 7.
    2. Use WINDOWS UPDATE for GMA500 Driver…
    3. Install/Use FUJITSU U820 Camera Driver…
    4. Install the following in these sequence. Restart is optional, but recommended.
    – System Extension, Restart
    – HotKey, Restart
    – Button Driver, Restart
    – Button Utility, Restart
    5. Install ALPS Mouse Driver if you need the TAP capability on the stick.

  • GPS can be used with Vista Drivers
    Sierra Wireless MC8781 can be used with the generic version on Sierra website.

  • Do not use the calibration tool in the CONTROL PANEL.
    You need the Fujitsu version.

    You need the Fujitsu PEN FCL drivers available on VISTA DRIVERS section on Fujitsu website.

  • Avatar of icurafu

    Am I the only one that hates how Fujitsu never lists the dates of each driver release on the driver download page?

  • Well since the System Extension DRIVER installer wouldn’t run, I ran the System Extension UTILITY installer. Followed by the HotKey Utility (again, utility, not driver), and Button Driver (there is no Button Utility installer), as suggested.

    Buttons for keyboard lights and screen rotation still don’t work. Tablet calibration still way off.

    I installed the Pen FCL package to get the Fujitsu Tablet Calibration control panel back. Still can’t calibrate the pen to the screen.

    Would love to hear from anyone having more luck with this than I am.

  • For Keyboard Light and Screen Rotation…
    You need the “ZOOM Utility” from VISTA DOWNLOAD section.

  • The P1630 drivers *should* be mostly compatible with your P1620, especially if the main differences between the two are the processor, RAM, and HD capacity. If Fujitsu is anything like Sony, the different models in a series usually don’t change much.

  • Thanks for the tips, —

    I’ll chime in when I see how my installation goes. I already got my Sony Z series perfectly converted over to Win 7 Ultimate, using the latest model’s drivers, so I’m hoping the U820 install will go smoothly.

  • Yeah, I’m with you on that…all they do is put “updated” or “original”

  • Nope, I installed the Zoom Utility, and that didn’t enable the buttons for keyboard lights, screen rotation, or (ironically) zoom.

    Also, installing the Vista Pen FCL package actually made the touch panel stop responding completely until I uninstalled it again.

    My complete list of installed things is now:

    – Fujitsu HotKey Utility
    – Fujitsu System Extension Utility
    – USB Camera
    – Windows Driver Package (FjBtnDrv)
    – Zoom Utility

    I’m also up-to-date with Windows Update.

    But still none of the hardware buttons work, and the touch panel is out of alignment.

    Any more ideas?

  • Avatar of Rusched

    I’m having a real hard time getting the fingerprint reader to work. The New Win 7 drivers don’t allow for fingerprint login, the beta drivers from authentec’s site cause it to appear in biometric devices but it says I need fingerprint software for it to work.

  • For out of range touchscreen…

    You can try changing the setting in BIOS.

    Advanced Touch Setting = TABLET

    PS Every comment here were actually made by my memory on Windows 7. I have W7 installed. Everything worked fine.

    But for exact steps, you might need to wait til I’m home…

  • Avatar of helpingHand

    i got it working !
    installl fresh windows 7
    update windows, this will install 2 fujitsu drivers + video driver
    install all drivers only from fujitsu website, restart
    install all utilities then restart
    install vista gps driver but make sure to select vista sp 3 compatibility
    install zoom utilities from vista also sp3 comp.
    install pen from vista
    install pointing from vista restart

    then install button utilities from vista then restart

    everything should be working after that
    makes sure to calibrate the touch screen using fujitsus provided calibration tool under control panel.

  • By “all drivers from the Fujitsu website”, do you mean the 11 drivers mentioned in the original article that specifically say they are for Windows 7?

    On that page, HotKey and System Extension have both a “Driver” and “Utility” installer each. If I try to install the ones labeled “Driver”, I always get the error shown here:

    What’s the trick to installing these?

  • Avatar of helpingHand

    yes the 11 drivers is from windows 7 , actually what u have to do is extract the drivers exe file using winrar , then go to the device manager where the unknown device is listed and select update driver and manually install it, sorry for my english hope this helps

    rule of thumb when installing drivers is to install all drivers first then the utilities. Also another fix is to go use your fujitsu driver install disc but make sure to select windows vista sp3 compatibility after that you can use all the windows 7 drivers.

  • Its all working great on a U2010 with Win 7 Ultimate.

    Some other fujitsu driver areas

    There are also APAC drivers in this download section that is yet to be released:

    Since there are no European U series doe not mean that they do not have good drivers. In fact they have the latest WWAN drivers and hopefully soon better Toshiba bluetooth drivers:
    (search for watcher or toshiba)

  • I will try unrar’ing the installer to get at the driver — but isn’t it kind of weird that they are shipping a simple double-click installer that doesn’t work?

  • Still cannot, CAN NOT get the hardware buttons working on my U820.

    Uninstalled everything, back down to a clean install of Win 7 Pro.

    Systematically installed the System Extension and HotKey Drivers (by unRARing them, and doing Update Driver from Device Manager).

    Then the Button Driver. Then the System Extension and HotKey utilities.

    Then all of the other Fujitsu-provided Win 7 drivers (Including Audio, Bluetooth, and WLAN, which were all working just fine with the default Windows 7 drivers anyway.)

    No working hardware buttons.

    Installed Zoom Utility from the Vista disc, as suggested. Still no hardware buttons.

    I have no idea what I could be doing wrong. I mean, they’re just installers, right? Start with Windows, install drivers, done. Why won’t my screen rotate and keyboard light buttons work?

  • Avatar of helpingHand

    I guess you forgot to install the BUTTON UTILITIES . Let me know.

  • Ahhh THANK YOU. It looks like Button Utilities (from the Vista section) was the one thing I was missing. As soon as I installed that, it started working.

    I also noticed that Fujitsu has a few new Win 7-specific drivers since this article was posted: Camera, Pointing, Power Saving, Touch Panel (maybe this will fix calibration!), and Zoom.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

  • Thanks for the info on the 5 added drivers, Steven…I just updated the post to reflect this.

    So did you finally get your system working 100%? I am still waiting until I have the time to sit down and get mine converted over, but I’m glad to see that many others have had some success.

  • It is almost 100% now. The new Touch Panel driver did indeed fix the tablet alignment problem I was having, and Button Utilities got my hardware buttons working.

    I have a WWAN model, and the AT&T Communication Manager (I downloaded 7.0 directly from AT&T) is behaving weirdly. Specifically, if I use it as my Wi-Fi manager, IE seems to think I’m not connected to the internet when on a WLAN connection, but is fine with a WWAN connection. I will have to keep tinkering with that.

    But all the actual Fujitsu bits seem to be in order now.

  • Steven, the AT&T WWAN drivers for Win 7 were just added within the last hour or so, so give them a try. I will mention one thing…if the Vista version works for you, it might not be a bad idea to use that one, since that is the last version that will allow the use of a non-data plan SIM (ie, iPhone SIM). The newer versions do not allow changes to be made to the setup that lets regular phone SIMs work.

    I just got mine completely upgraded, everything is working 100% except for GPS…I may wait for the Win 7 version since it looks like Fujitsu is working fast to get them all posted.

    I did a clean install, ran Windows Update and rebooted, then went right down the list of 16 files, skipping only the two that give the “INF error”. Once I had everything installed, I rebooted, then extracted the two problem driver files and installed them manually in the Device Manager.

  • I went ahead and installed the Vista GPS and chipset drivers, plus reinstalled the FM Transmitter files. Also, I used the provided Win 7 WWAN drivers for the modem, but used a copy of AT&T Communication Manager v6.9.118.0 that I had downloaded a while back from Fujitsu. The one they have posted now for Vista is OS specific and gives an error when trying to install on Win 7.

    I am up and running 100%, screen is perfectly calibrated, all buttons work, as does rotation.

    Here is a thread that I started in the forum to continue the Win 7 & U820 discussion:


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