Fujitsu joins the party with official Windows 7 drivers for U820


UPDATE: There have been 6 more drivers added, for a total of 17.

Anything pertaining to the Fujitsu U series seems to get my attention, since I'm a very satisfied owner of a twin set. In a world full of Sony P series clamshells, touchscreen tablets from Viliv, and now Archos and its fancy new Android creation, it can sometimes seem like we U820 owners are the forgotten ones. The "little convertible that could" chugs along on either Windows Vista or XP, hoping that one day it too can experience the latest system from Microsoft and get some love.

Well, today is that day because it looks like the Fujitsu mothership has just released official Windows 7 drivers for the U820 here in the US. Looking at the list of 11 drivers, you begin to wonder why there are so many fewer than the 20 that are required for Vista. Well, part of the answer lies in the fact that Win 7 natively supports many of the hardware features of the U820, including the touchscreen, so Fujitsu was able to keep things to a minimum.

Currently missing are drivers for the GPS module, if so equipped. I placed a call to Fujitsu tech support this afternoon to find out if more drivers would be on the way, or if it was possible to use the Vista drivers in place of the missing Win 7 versions, but was not given a clear answer. They are apparently still working out some issues, so proceed with caution.

I have been very anxious to rid my U820 of Vista, so I plan on trying a clean install on my U820 in the next day or two and I'll see what happens and report back.

[Fujitsu Support Downloads]
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