Has Windows 7 transformed your UMPC into something better?


It's probably a little soon to be asking these questions since we're barely 24 hours removed from the worldwide release of Microsoft's newest jewel, Windows 7, but they just beg for an answer. Has Windows 7 breathed new life into your UMPC? Now that the final version of Win7 is out and manufacturers are releasing official drivers, are most of you ready to hit the upgrade path, or will you wait for new devices to come out?

Those of you who use popular devices such as the Sony P series and the Viliv S5 and X70 have been sampling early beta copies of Win7 for quite a while now, with some of you even using the official RTM versions. Even the Kohjinsha and Fujitsu U series owners, who are a smaller group, have dabbled with Win7 installs. This is obvious by just looking at some of the threads in our forum, many of which are fairly long and contain the different successes and failures of the various installs along with driver issues.

I have been running an RTM version of Windows 7 Starter on my EeePC 900A (32GB SSD) for the last 3 weeks, and I am extremely impressed with the performance compared even with Windows XP, once the benchmark for performance on our small Atom-powered devices. My next project will be getting my Fujitsu U820 up and running with a clean install of Win7 because it has really suffered with the bloat of Windows Vista, and I think Win7 will transform it into the device it should have always been.

Please chime in with your thoughts and experiences regarding Win7 and your UMPC, either here in the comments or in our always resourceful forum.

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