ITG reveals xpPhone communications interface

Xpphone_dialIn Technology Group's export sales manager got in touch today to let me know that the calling/communications user interface of the upcoming xpPhone is now ready for public viewing.

The MID phone, which has a 4.8" WVGA touchscreen and will run Windows XP on an unspecified AMD processor upon release, features sync-free access to Outlook contacts and a removable wireless module for easy replacement and upgrades to other 3G and future 4G connectivity standards, making it even more unlike all of the smartphones that are currently on the market. This is why ITG believes the device is a breakthrough product and describes it as a "three-in-one pocketable mobile terminal" that combines a mobile phone, handheld computer, and GPS unit into a portable unit that weighs 14.1 ounces in its current state (the final version will most likely be thinner and lighter).

The xpPhone is still without a firm release date and price, so this isn't the last we'll see and hear of it. In the meantime, have a look at communications UI below.


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5 thoughts on “ITG reveals xpPhone communications interface

  • Avatar of Er Lern

    This is sweet news indeed :) Hope they’ll really start selling this!

  • I like! Those are nice creations. I hope they release a Video demo soon. Great job Jen! The only thing is, When Windows 7 came out, XP became old or maybe even obsolete in a flash. I hope there is some way Windows 7 can be installed. Android x86 is being developed as well. So We can try Android on that too. Wow. It’s just getting more and more exciting from here. I hope this is not another Vaporware.

  • Plus it does not resemble any outher UI that is out there. It is original IMO. Fanbois cannot claim they copy from this phone or that phone. I really hope there is a CDMA version as they said it will have.

  • Avatar of yamete888

    Wow! Finally an English version…saw a Chinese article on which has photos of the same interface, but in Chinese…! (since it was in Chinese, could make head or tails of what it was trying to say!)…the google translation is rough… :-P
    There’s an active XPPHONE forum (in English) at where the XPPHONE monitors, and will presumably post updates/announcements there as well!
    As you can expect, the most asked question is when and how much for the unit…! There seems to be a healthy level of interest in this device! (me included!)…Thanks Jen for the update…!

  • Avatar of johnkzin

    I hope they make the specs open enough that people can port other OSes to it. Like Ubuntu and Android.


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