Nokia N920 possibly already in the works

Nokia_n920 UPDATE: The image is a fake.

Even though Nokia is still making us hang on the edge of our seats as we wait for them to release the long-awaited N900 running Maemo 5, it seems they are already hard at work on the next N-series family member and OS. Thanks to one of our tipsters, we are able to see an image of a purported early prototype that still appears to be running Diablo, with Maemo 6 a strong possibility to be the OS of choice sometime next year.

While it has been known for quite some time that the Internet Tablet line would have perhaps more than one form factor, now we at least have a little more info and a picture of a new, larger design and the future of Maemo.

According to iMobile365, the new N920 may be equipped with a 4.13-inch capacitive, multitouch screen, which will bring Nokia up to speed with many of today's smartphones. Also, the keyboard-less design should be popular with those who have owned an N800, whereas the sliding keyboard of the N900 may not appeal as much.

Most of the other specs seem to be carried over from the N900, which is understandable considering the up-to-date technology being used there. Unclear is whether the N900 will be upgradeable to Maemo 6, but it would be a huge surprise if it wasn't because of the hardware similarities.

Thanks to Google we sometimes get some funny translations, so even though it seems like the N920 is some type of new airplane, just remember it's the next-generation Internet Tablet from Nokia (rumored to have been in existence for the past few months) and that it will not be found on a runway preparing for takeoff until sometime in mid- to late-2010.

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