Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 getting first firmware update this week

MiFi2200_Hand This is shaping up to be a busy week in the technology world, with the big guys up in Redmond set to finally unleash their newest creation on Thursday. On a smaller scale, October 22nd is also a milestone day for those of us who have been using the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 over the past few months.

It seems that the diminutive 3G broadband router is getting its first firmware update on this same date, hopefully fixing a few of the bugs along the way. The key improvements include eliminating hibernate mode while on AC power, proper international roaming, and new Administration page options, just to name a few. 

It is unclear whether this upgrade is for both the Verizon MiFi and its silver-colored sibling from Sprint, but we at least know it will work on the latter, since one of the posted additions is the ability to force Sprint-only mode instead of allowing roaming.

UPDATE: Looks like Novatel couldn't wait until Thursday, the update is now available for both Verizon and Sprint versions via the firmware update utility in the Administration page.

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Chris King

Chris King is a former contributing editor at Pocketables.

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9 thoughts on “Novatel Wireless MiFi 2200 getting first firmware update this week

  • Avatar of johnkzin

    I’m mainly waiting for the one with T-Mobile 3G :-}

  • I’ve spoken to Novatel, and by “proper international roaming” they only mean with Sprint’s CDMA network partners. The MiFi 2200 is still CDMA only, sadly :(

  • Avatar of 2busy2blog

    How do you update the Verizon MiFi? I looked on but there directions didn’t match-up with what I saw on my admin page.

  • Yup, no SIM slot in there so it just works on CDMA. I wonder how many places the roaming would actually work?

  • I was going to direct you to a thread in their forum, but the site is down right now. Seems that the Verizon model can only be upgraded via USB with the VZW Windows connection software.

    I upgraded my Sprint version yesterday using the firmware update method, no tethering required. I don’t know why Verizon apparently has this feature disabled, considering most people who own a MiFi did not get it to use as a USB modem.

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  • Avatar of camby

    Thanks to Chris, et al for the help!!!

  • I like this product very much, if it were not for the limited data plan of 5 gigs i would like it even further, but the only way ur onna go over 5 gigs is if u start downloading movies with i plan on not doing, so if u want a MOBLIE WIRE LESS ROUTER then go get this one.


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