Save $500 on Sony Vaio P (1.6GHz Atom, 128GB SSD)


If price has been one of the things stopping you from picking up the Sony Vaio P, then head over to SonyStylehi117wquiom7ADHAFD8798BHEBE9 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here with coupon code VAIO500P to save an astonishing $500 on the VGN-P698E in either onyx black or garnet red. This model, which normally retails for $1499.99, sets itself apart from other configurations with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU and 128GB SSD (see benchmarks of all models).

The coupon brings the price down to $999.99 and is good until October 13th.

:: Visit the Vaio P forum to connect with other owners and potential buyers, share tips, and troubleshoot. ::

[Sony Vaio P @ SonyStylehi117wquiom7ADHAFD8798BHEBE9 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here]
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2 thoughts on “Save $500 on Sony Vaio P (1.6GHz Atom, 128GB SSD)

  • VAIO is a sub-brand for many of Sony’s computer products. It was originally an acronym for Video Audio Integrated Operation. Its really very nice model.

  • Avatar of tmarks11

    So I wonder what model Sony is going to bring out on 13 Oct to replace this one? Which would make me sorry that I jumped on this “steal of a deal” for a netbook.

    Sony has a history of making beautiful, expensive mobile electronics. And a history of pushing out something even better before the paint is dry on the previous version.

    Think about Sony and all the Palm PDAs that they churned out, one after the other.


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