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Are you a mobile computing and portable gadget enthusiast? Can you write a news post without simply reblogging another website's information, splicing commas, or confusing its/it's and you're/your? Do you have previous blogging experience or a working knowledge of keyword-rich titles, SEO, and properly crediting sources? If your answers are some variation of "yes," then Pocketables is looking for you.

As many of you know, my husband and I are having a baby. My pregnancy hasn't exactly been smooth sailing up to this point (and new issues continue to crop up), but the end is finally in sight: our baby girl will be here next month!

In preparation for this life-changing event, I'd like to hire a new writer with a fresh voice who can cover the daily news while I take some time off to be a new mom. If you want to fill this position and join the Pocketables team, please read on for more information.


  • Write three sample posts that you think would appear on the front page of Pocketables. Be sure to credit your sources, include your opinions in brief, and demonstrate that you can do more than just rewrite another site's post.
  • Tell me about your previous writing/blogging experience, gadget history, technical expertise and/or relevant specialties, whether you're fluent in another language, and whatever else you want to share.
  • Include your name, location, and how many hours of work you can realistically commit to per week.
  • Put the above information in the body of an email (no attachments) and send it to jobs [at] pocketables [dot] net with the subject line "New writer application."


  • Yes, this is a paid position. Payment will be issued monthly via PayPal. You won't get rich, though, so please don't quit your day job.
  • Although you may be asked to write feature-length articles in the future, your primary task will be to write daily news posts (150 to 250 words).
  • How many posts you will be expected to write is fairly flexible (and dependent on what's going on in the tech world), but 1-3 posts per weekday would be ideal.
  • You will be responsible for providing the majority of the site's content while I'm away, but Contributing Editor Chris King will continue to write features and other news posts as well. I'll also pop in when I can with some content.
  • Along with excellent writing skills and a passion for portable tech, I'm looking for someone who is self-motivated and reliable. Please do not apply if you don't intend to stick to your commitment.
  • If you are selected as a candidate for the position, you will be given one-day access to a guest account for a "trial run" in which you write 1-3 posts for publication on the site that day.
  • If you are offered the position, your official start date will be in mid-November.

Applications will be accepted until October 23rd.

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