Wistron MID makes the trip to Moorestown

Wistron_1 With the line between smartphones and MIDs blurring more and more as they evolve into more than capable replacements for UMPCs and netbooks for casual usage, it's starting to become evident that we will not have a shortage of devices to talk about in the near future. As seen yesterday, the blur continued with the introduction of the Motorola Droid, running atop Android 2.0 and bringing yet another choice to the marketplace.

Continuing the theme today is a prototype MID from Wistron, and what makes this one interesting is the fact that it was being shown at an Ericsson booth, which corresponds with the work that Ericsson and Intel are doing on bringing integrated 3G broadband to the Moorestown platform next year.

A few more pictures (courtesy of mobile+notebook) follow past the break.

At first glance, the display size does look a bit odd compared to most current devices, almost reminding me of a large touchscreen AV remote, but the wide landscape screen should make for easy web browsing without the need for side-to-side scrolling. Judging by the dedicated buttons on the front of the phone and the small earpiece speaker, the Wistron device will also be a phone.

Specs wise, not much is known beyond what is clearly visible on the device, such as the 3.5mm audio jack and microSD slot, along with microUSB and HDMI ports. Also, there is what is labeled as a "5.0MP Degital Camera", so hopefully that little spelling error can be fixed by the time this reference design receives an actual, working screen without the borrowed Apple Dashboard icons.



If this device can become a reality, it's definitely intriguing with the promise of Moorestown and maybe a higher resolution screen than what we have become accustomed to on our mobile devices. The integrated 3G and phone capabilities would be the icing on the cake, along with the possibilities that are opened up with HDMI output.

Thanks, TheLostSwede!

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6 thoughts on “Wistron MID makes the trip to Moorestown

  • The screen aspect ratio kinda like the chocolate. It is elongated. Do U know the screen size?

  • Not sure of the screen size, but the aspect ratio does look very much like the BL40 Chocolate…

  • Avatar of kiyu727

    I hope I can browse in 2 windows then like on the Vaio P
    But I can see a HDMI out which means (hopefully) good codec support :D
    or at least a decent media player ~

  • I don’t know about you guys but it’s really nice to see where these manufacturers are headed with moorestown. It’s one thing to promise fancy devices like MIDs but it something else to see mockups of what’s coming. When are moorestown-based devices coming again? Someone please remind me. I really hope the most expensive moorestown devices don’t go over the $399-$499 price range.
    I must say it does look nice though. I hope it’s not so hard to hold/use a device like that.


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