App Store for iPhone hits the 100,000 milestone

Appstore Whether you consider yourself either an Apple apologist or someone who can't stand the mere mention of anything associated with the iPhone, there is no denying that Apple has dramatically changed the way we use our smartphones and they have also pushed other companies to think outside the box. Without the App Store, there would probably not be an Android Market or a Windows Marketplace for Mobile, so to say that Apple has reinvented things is a bit of an understatement.

Today, the App Store further entrenches itself in the driver's seat, with there now being over 100,000 apps available for download to your iPhone or iPod touch. Games, productivity tools, news readers, music and video players, and even a basic version of Photoshop are all available, many for free.

It's hard to believe that the iPhone originally did not have the ability to officially download apps, and it seems so long ago, even though it has been less than two years. I couldn't imagine using my iPhone without many of the useful apps I have downloaded, so here's to a bright future and the next 100,000 apps.

[Apple Press Release]
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