Archos 5 gets Android Market and other Google goodies

Although the Archos 5 Android runs the Google Android operating system, it has always been missing certain elements of the Android experience due to its nature as a tablet rather than a phone.

It has now emerged that some members of the community have made available a range of Google-specific features and applications that the Archos 5 Android didn’t have previously, including access to Android Marketplace, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. Users are required to have either of the latest firmware versions, 1.4.08 or 1.4.09, to install the apps.

Please note, however, that this is not an official release from Archos or Google and users install everything at their own risk. It is hoped that the full Google experience will be officially available when Archos releases the Android 2.0 update for the Archos 5 in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the video below for a demonstration of the newly installed Google apps and head over to jkkmobile for instructions on how to install them yourself!

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3 thoughts on “Archos 5 gets Android Market and other Google goodies

  • This isnt going to end well. Did they not see what happened to Cyanogen and his custom roms. I got three words for before you get too far, Cease and Decist. Google doesnt want their apps being distributed unless some agreement has been reached.

  • Installed it on my Archos 5 and is working great. I also installed the Google Maps and that works and can actually use the GPS in the Archos 5 to locate your postition. Hopefully Android 2.0 gets released from Archos and maybe I can use my BlackBerry Storm to tether with BT. Otherwise I will return it.

  • Except if i’m correct it’s not archos themselves adding the support. It’s 3rd party hacks.


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