Around 100,000 Motorola Droids sold over first weekend

Hi there! As this is my first official post on Pocketables, I would just like to say thanks to Jenn, Chris, and the Pocketables community for the warm welcome. I very much look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest in the gadget world from today onwards!


But straight to business. It has been reported by Bloomberg that Motorola have sold around 100,000 units of the new Droid smartphone during its first few days of availability over the weekend, with most stores selling at least half of their stock. A total of 200,000 units were made available for the launch on November 6th. In comparison, the iPhone 3GS sold 1 million units during its weekend debut earlier this year. Analysts expect Motorola will sell a total of 1 million Android smartphones this quarter and a total of 10 million during 2010.

As a follower of the Droid since its announcement, it certainly seems like a promising debut for the latest Android handset and perhaps the beginning of a turnaround for Motorola, particularly after their struggles over the past few years since the heydays of the RAZR. It's also good to see this revival being led by a truly impressive, competitive product. Which one of you were among the 100,000 who picked up the Droid last weekend? We would love to hear your comments and early impressions.

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