Creative to reveal "Zii Android mobile phone" at Zii Summit next month


Following last week's announcement of its ZMS-08 media processor for low-power handheld devices, capable of decoding Blu-Ray quality 1080p video, Creative is set to show off a range of OEM-ready devices powered by Zii technology at the Zii Summit 2009 conference in China on the 1st and 2nd of December.

Apart from the MediaBook revealed earlier this month, the most interesting devices to be shown include a touch tablet PC and a Zii-optimized Android mobile phone platform. Based on information on the Zii Summit website, Creative will demonstrate a handset running Android powered by their ZMS-05 processor. The advantages of this should include more processing power for the Android OS and its applications, as the ZMS-05 is a multi-core chip with dual ARM processor cores, seamless OpenGL ES 3D graphics, and 1080p high definition video playback/output.

The thought of an Android smartphone having such capabilities is a very exciting prospect, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what the Zii-powered phone can do and whether there are any compromises to achieve it. We will bring you the latest developments as they happen. Bring on December!

[myCreative Fansite]

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3 thoughts on “Creative to reveal "Zii Android mobile phone" at Zii Summit next month

  • Avatar of johnkzin

    It’ll be interesting to see what they come up with. I’m hoping they’ll have a 9″ or 10″ android tablet :-}

  • Avatar of Joseph G. Mitzen

    There should be no compromises necessary. The Zii has dual-core Cortex processors along with a very powerful multimedia engine and great power efficiency, as well as enough ports and interfaces, from camera to infrared to HDMI, to more than accomodate any phone out there. I just wish it were a NokZiia N900 we were hearing about, which has been my fantasy mashup for a long time, with my dream devices being the Zii Egg and the N900. :-)

  • i LOVE the ZII i have an iPod Touch 3G bt if not, i would buy me a ZII now!
    But i have a Creative ZEN Vision W with seldmodded HDD (100GB)
    Creative’s great!


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